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A star sign of Scorpio is associated with sex, death, psychology, and how could it not be when it is ruled and co-ruled by planets, Pluto (it will always be a planet if you ask us) and Mars. Scorpio is at the same time very cold and very hot, calculating and emotional, it can suck you in or blow you away. This star sign is together with Cancer and Pisces a water sign, meaning it is primarily an emotional ”creature” that digs deep into psychology and emotions of oneself and others.

When it comes to aesthetic of Scorpio it is stereotypically linked with black and red, but like with all water signs there is more to it than what first meets the eye, and with this sign it is the moody surface.

She Simply has started presenting you with the best fashion items from our store following the theme of astrology signs, if you belong to the Scorpio star sign you will most probably like what you see we have picked here for you, even if your Venus and Ascendant are not in Scorpio, your sun, your ego will like our little prepositions.


  1. Snake Print

Scorpio is an animal sign so it will like dressing up in the skin of other animals to represent its primal animalistic nature. Picking a snake print will not only be super trendy for autumn and winter 2018, but it will give you an edge you like, and the edge that often makes others uncomfortable when it comes to you, but you enjoy it.

This Snake Print bodysuit is worthy of Scorpio queen and can be yours for just $36

2. Deep V-neck

Scorpio is not afraid of showing off what mother earth blessed her with. They love playing the card of sexuality to seduce or disarm other people, that’s why they often wear deep V-necks that pull the attention of the observer to their decoltage, while they use the opportunity to get inside their minds and find out their deepest secrets.

This elegant navy blouse with a deep V-neck can be yours for $42

3.  Neutral and Dark colors

Scorpio likes to hide in the shadows, observe and then ”attack”, to do that you Scorpio ladies probably will enjoy Neutral and Dark clothes that will not pull the attention of observers instantly, you like to control attention you receive.

Get this black dress with neutral flowers for $400

4. Simple Accessories

Scorpio is rather simple most of the time, and when it comes to accessories it avoids loud and flashy ones. They like silver and from precious stones good old diamonds if they feel their look needs some sparkle.

for only $7 you can have these simple zircon earrings

5. Big Bags

Scorpios are a practical sign that likes to have space, and what is more practical and spacy than big totes?

This lovely slouchy tote can belong to you for only $41


6. Goth

As the sign that is associated among other things to death, Scorpio has a thing for goth elements, they will like their lace details the most


You can fulfil your gothic needs with this amazing blouse for just $47

7. Purple

When not in black, gray or red, you will surely see a Scorpio sporting dark purple clothes, actually, they like wearing purple quite a lot.

This amazing purple dress can be your for $50

8. Sandals with straps

Scorpio loves to wear high heels that have a lot of straps; Straps everywhere! They are not a fan of big platforms, they like to be closer to the ground even when they decide to go high.


get this strappy sandals for 67$



These were few suggestions for our lovely Scorpios, from our amazing Shop  ”She Simply Shops” that we know will suit every Scorpian need they have. Do not forget, you are a sign that goes deeper than physical body can showcase, things you put on yourself will not always show the depths of your soul and mind you would like the world to see, but if you dress up in clothes we have picked here for you, you will be one step closer to showing the world true Scorpio colors.

Remember Scorpios, fashion can be your ultimate tool for the little psychological tests you often like to conduct, so use it wisely like we know you only can.


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