Scandinavian Style

While I was thinking of which European style I should write next it hit me that we do not give as much credit as we should to pioneers of fashion blogging and minimalist fashion – Scandinavians.

Scandinavian Style

Scandinavian style is known as the minimalist, monochromatic, and street style eternal must. When we are thinking of the style worn by our lovely Scandinavian girls, we are thinking of practical, minimal, elegant yet at the same time often androgynous and laid back style.

Colors that dominate Scandinavian style are as said above monochromatic, natural tones of greens, browns, grays, and blacks. As nature tends to be harsh in the northern parts of Europe, materials that tend to dominate Scandinavian style are wool and leather.

Comfort and practicality are important in long winters and mild summers for our lovely ladies so they tend to be lovers of long cardigans, wool coats, beautiful elegant puffer jackets and something they have mastered is layering – but mind you they avoid layering clothes of different colors, I will put emphasis as much as I can through this article that monochromatic color scheme is such a Scandinavian thing.

We can freely say that Scandinavian style tends to be very modern and fashion forward, they are known to experiment with new materials and designs, they are not afraid of pushing through the known boundaries of fashion, especially through the female fashion.

Scandinavian women keep their accessories same as their clothes very elegant and minimal, scarves, beanies, and gloves are a must. They tend to keep their hair natural and straight or if they feel like playing with the hairstyle they either option out for messy buns or they go for lovely braids that make their often blonde hairs even more interesting.

When it comes to shoes they are not immune to high heels, but wedged boots are such their thing. They are huge fans of ankle booties which they wear with almost anything!

Scandinavian style is simply one of those styles everyone can feel comfortable in.


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