Safe Choices In Fashion

Sometimes a girl has to play it safe, for example when going to places of employment or education, or family reunions. Wherever your place for playing safe is, the fashion industry is full of fun possibilities for you to pick.

Just because its safe it doesn’t have to be less fun.

  1. Classic shirts

Button up ladies in your favorite classic shirts for ultimate safe dress up. With this piece of clothing, you can not go wrong as it is considered a classic and serious fashion piece that is known for making any outfit look well put together. There are plenty of shirts in various shapes, made of various materials and with all sorts of fun, pretty patterns that are sure to fit your taste – the most classic of course is a plain white shirt, which is the safest choice of course.

When you need to play it safe in the fashion field a shirt is a good option. As we said before a classic white shirt with a basic shirt collar is a standard, but you can also be more … well creative and pick so-called ”boyfriend shirt” that does not necessarily has to belong to any male person you know as designers nowadays are designing said shape of shirts for females as well – they are big, baggy, yet always look nice despite the frumpiness.

Denim Shirts (not jackets in this case) are a fun, modern alternative to the classic white shirt, and good stylish waisted shirts with floral details are also a fun and modern safe choice in fashion.

You can have this lovely blue shirt from our store for only 32$


2. Pencil skirt

Pencil skirts are a safe pick if you like wearing skirts, you like showing off your legs and if by any chance you are required by the place or occasion to wear a skirt.

They can seem intimidating and not so ”safe” to ladies that are afraid that body-hugging shape of this skirt might pull attention to the areas of the body they would rather not be looked at – such as legs, hips, tummy area or simply knees – we females are complicated creatures, luckily for us fashion designers know that and have made a plethora of pencil skirt designs to fit every single one of us.

Pencil skirts basic shape is the one that follows the line of the body, tight at the waist and knee/calf area (depending on the length) and wider at the hip area.

Now the length alone can be helpful, the fact that they come in more than one length for the ladies that may be dissatisfied with the shape of their legs for some reason (you should not be, you are perfect) and would like to cover them up (or show them off).

If your troubled area is your stomach, you can always pick a pencil skirt with peplum detail.

Designers of this type of skirt got a solution with any imaginable problem you might have, so this skirt is definitively a safe choice for any woman.

This fun green Pencil skirt with feminine side detail can be yours for just 47$

3. Pumps

When it comes to your footwear pumps are the safest choice if you have to attend more elegant occasions or if your work requires you to wear elegant shoes.

Pumps are low cut front with a closed heel, elegant design that comes in various designs and because of it, they are one of the most popular shoe styles in the world.

In Britain Pumps are known as ”Court shoes” and that should mean something.

Pumps are a safe choice for most types of weather because they are closed, obviously, avoid snow and water in them.

When it comes to the height of the heel, the safest option is the low one, for so many reasons, one of them is that the chances of you falling or hurting your ankle in them are low, being a faster walker and feeling more comfortable wearing them are other plus sides of picking lower heel.

These elegant black pumps are just 71$ and are your safe choice to make


4. Jeans

Jeans are maybe the safest type of pants out there. You can not go wrong if you decide to wear jeans for most occasions even the fanciest ones.

Jeans have become a number 1 piece of clothes in today’s culture, they are versatile, comfortable, easy to combine, easy to wear… they are an ultimate safe piece of the 21st century.

The shape we would recommend is definitively pencil shape of the jeans, it follows the line of your legs, it can be worn with elegant shoes, smart outwear etc.


Our pencil jeans are your safest and most comfortable choice for all seasons, get them for 47$


5. Sweater

Sweaters are another safe choice especially for the autumn/winter period because not only will they fit most occasions, they are also going to keep you warm.

You can do no wrong if you decide to pick a sweater. They come in so many beautiful designs in so many amazing styles it is actually hard to pick, but whichever you pick you are definitively making a safe choice.

Now because they come in so many designs, the safest of the safe option for you is to pick pastel/monochromatic colored ones, that come with a V-neck or bateau neckline, the second being a more stylish option.

This crew neck sweater of ours can be yours for 39%


6. Blazer

Blazer is a popular and safe pick for anyone who wishes to look elegant but not over the top. This type of jacket is casual yet still brings a note of elegance and seriousness to the table that you might wish to project.

Blazers come in so, so many designs, a few years ago they were so big that it was possible to find them for any fashion style. For the times when you wish to play it safe, we would always recommend good old classic black blazer that can be worn with anything and everything.

For just 45$ you can have this elegant blazer


7. Wool Coat

The wool coat is another safe pick when it comes to outwear simply because it can fit so many fashion styles and you can wear it basically anywhere, from a classical music concert or to a grocery shopping.

Wool coats can be worn at any type of day and will make you always look so good.

We would recommend straight line coats in camel, black or gray color.

This season they are also a must-have outwear so you are sure to be seen as a fashionable lady if you decide to wear a wool coat this autumn and winter.

And do we have a wool coat just for you! This lovely coat can be yours for 203$


8. Leather watch

And finally, when it comes to accessories for our safe fashion lovers leather watches are the items we would recommend. They look professional, elegant and make you look like you care.

Leather watches are a safe choice because they fit most peoples tastes – some of you might not like gold, some of you might not like silver, but it is hard to find a person who doesn’t see how beautiful leather watches are.


This was She Simply’s list of the safest choices in fashion that you can make. Every single thing from our little list can be worn separately from and together with other things from the list. These items are sure to fit everyone’s tastes and be worn in any occasion and under various circumstances.

When it comes to fashion safe picks are smart picks.


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