Perfect Nail Polish For Your Skin Tone

Getting your manicure right can be tricky, especially if you want to keep your style as natural as possible.

Surprisingly enough, in fact, it’s much easier to get the right coloured nail polish than a nude one and this is mainly because, based on what you are wearing or the accessories you have picked, coloured nail polishes could all potentially work well on your hands. On the other side, your clothes and accessories don’t affect the nail polish as much as the skin tone.

It is in fact crucial to be aware of your own skin tone before having to pick the right polish.

Think of the nail polish as a makeup foundation; nudes all look roughly the same, but there is just one hue that suits your skin the best. So, to help you choosing the perfect nude nail polish we have done some reearch and discovered that there is two things to take into consideration: your skin tone and undertone.

Now, you might find yourself wondering about what’s an undertone and we’re here to help! Besides your skin tone, there is something called undertone, which identifies whether your skin has warm or cool hues. The best trick to know your undertone is to look at your veins; if they’re blue-ish then it means that the undertone is cool, if they tend more towards green, then it’s warm.

Once understood what your skin’s undertone is, you can start your search for the perfect nude nail polish.

Those who have cool understones should use something with a hint of blue, such as cool pink or beige, avoiding nail polishes that tends towards darker colours, like brown.

Otherwise, those who have warm undertones should go for a nude with some hints of yellow, such as peach, caramel and salmon.

The final test to understand if you got it right is to put your nail polish next to the foundation you usually use and see if they clash or they look good together. They shouldn’t be of the exact same colour, but should work well next to each other.

Finding the perfect nude nail polish sounds hard, but once you learn more about your skin tone and try different styles then you will know exactly what works best for you!

(Image Credit: Best Friends for Frosting, WGSN, Glamour, The Tai Life, Pinterest, The Fashion Spot, Fashionisers)

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