Parisian FW Street Style

Paris Fashion Week is one of the biggest events in the fashion industry, one of the most important fashion weeks, therefore it is normal all the eyes, better-said lenses were directed at the streets and runways of the city of light.

Designers put their best collections out, pick best models to wear their designs, send socio-economic messages to the world with their shows, but they are not the only ones we care about. Streets of Paris are always fashionable as we know, but when the fashion week begins we get the chance to see quite a number of try-hard fashionistas waiting to get in the most exclusive shows out there. They put extra effort into their looks as they know their name depends on it.

After the show is finished fashionistas go to the group of photographers eagerly waiting to snap few pics and show the world what street style trends are or will be.

In this article, we will go through photos taken by hard working photographer Tyler Joe and see the Paris Fashion Week from his point of view.

Jumpsuits are definitively going to be all year around hit


Bell bottoms and bell sleeves paired with sock boots – so chic so 70s


Comfort before anything


Puffer jackets are back in style


One should not be afraid of color

Celebrities were also snapped

Knitwear and wide feminine vintage sleeves are a thing, especially when paired with simple white pants

Baggy, slouchy and manly

new palette of colors

A new spin on sportswear could be seen

Faux Fur is always in style

Leopard print is definitively back in style

This season we might claim Matrix fashion universe

Wild, wild west


As we can see, Paris Fashion Week Street Style has set some ground for new trends. We are back in the future, appropriate description i believe for the fashion we just saw.

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