Outfits Rachel Green wore in 90s that are absolutly trendy now

Quite a number of generations remember how tv show F.R.I.E.N.D.S dominated television for a long time. In that period the cast became part of our household, every single one of them had a personality with which we could identify, and we fashionistas definitively identified with fashion loving, free-spirited Rachel Green.

The 2017-18 fashion trend is back to the 90s and with that theme, we are back in the prime time of our favorite sitcom era. When we look back at fashion then and now we can see how Rachel Green delivered trends that we are enjoying now, with her character and beauty of Jennifer Aniston, it is worth to mention few looks that she wore back then that are an absolute trend right now.


Jennifer Aniston character Rachel Green absolutely was a fan of turtlenecks, she liked them with sleeves or with no sleeves at all. Knitted or not Rachels closet was pretty neck hugging.


and yes, it is VELVET


Rachel was a huge fan of another big trend right now which is a Layering. Combination of long, usually spaghetti strap dresses with plain t-shirts expressed her free spirit and love for fashion and creativity quite well.

Summer dresses

Rachel loved dresses and her favorite form was A-line. Her summer dresses are even to this day to die for. I would recommend anyone who wishes to combine fashion, youthfulness and femininity together to reach out for this style of dresses. Just look how well Rachel embodied all before mentioned.

White Striped Track Pants

I doubt you have missed the huge trend with white striped track pants, if you did, i find it strange because they were and still are everywhere. Guess who wore them back in the 90s? That’s right Rachel did. Rachel would fit oh so well in this Instagram generation as she wore most of the things our favorite insta girls are wearing now. She probably did serve them as inspiration.

Denim Vests

Denim vests are actually a trend alert for 2018, they were not huge in 2017 but in a year we are now they will slowly start to show up here and there and if my fashion senses are good, by the end of summer 2018 they will be huge. Rachel wore them so good that even those not keen on wearing vests would wish to wear them.


A lot of peoples first association with Rachels style are plaid skirts, well anything plaid really. This season plaid skirts, dresses and pants are a must have.

Wrap Dresses

I did not want to list this one with the ”summer dresses” mentioned above, because of the form of it which this summer and the one before is a story of its own. Hugely popular, romantic, Mediterranean vibing dresses once dominated Rachels looks and now they do ours.

oh yeah if you red my previous article you know that LEOPARD is back also


Chokers were a blast from the past in 2015 and 2016 but by the time of 2017 and 2018 they became kind of a norm when it comes to accessories. Rachel loved them.

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