Oscars 2018 Best and Worst

The biggest night of the movie industry has happened a few days ago, to be exact on 4th March. Oscars as known among us commoners, or Academy Awards, are an annual award ceremony where the greats of the movie industry receive recognition for the work done in the year behind them.

Movie Directors, Writer’s, Production designers and so many others together with most famous actors and actresses get recognition and have this one night to shine as bright as they can.

Movie enthusiasts cannot wait for this night because they get to enjoy the movie aspect of it, we fashionistas on another hand cannot wait to see all the dresses stars of the evening are wearing.

Known as the most glamorous night, celebrities, artists dress up in their nicest gowns and frocks (some of them, ok) and walk the most famous red carpet of them all, and we are here to look and…judge!

She Simply Shops judges Oscars 2018 red carpet!


Best Dressed

Lawrence was pretty casual for the occasion, but we still like it


Talk about glamour, Allison Janney rocked the dramatic red dress like no one before


Ronan’s pearl white skin tone was complimented by a baby pink dress with a dramatic bow


Andra Day channeled her inner Versile courtisane look and made us all love it


Margot was all about simple glamour


We don’t see Sandra Bullock as much as we used to so we get pretty excited when she does show up somwhere, and when she dresses up like this, we love it


Jennifer Garner channeled her inner diva, and she did not disappoint


Wonder Woman herself was looking radiant, actress Gal Gadot seems to be inspired by 60s glam


Octavia Spencer was radiant in this dark emerald dress


Jane Fonda came to teach this youngsters few things about high fashion


Mira Sorvino looked like she is channeling her inner spring goddess


Helen Mirren is a classic lady who looked like queen. A queen of cinema she is!

Worst Dressed


Holland looked like he did not take off his coat. This suit did not fit the young actor.

Figure skaters have dramatic fashion sense, but Addam Rippon has problematic one instead.


We shall assume Selma let her daughter dress her


There seems to be a bit too much going on here


We know Emma can do so much better


If there is a word that describes this whole look, it is ”stiff”


Greta looks like she is going for the summer walk


This looks like Chadwick is headed to someone’s funeral


Chalamet just missed a note it seems


This could have been a good dress, it had potential… but it simply isnt.


What can we say, Winston Duke, picked ill-fitted suit of wrong colors? This was simply a No.


After the ceremony celebrities had a huge Oscars afterparty and we got to see more celebrities there in even more interesting attires, but we shall leave that for another article, we dont want to reveal everything at once.


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