Oprah’s Golden Globe Speech – Possible Campaign Run?

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Queen of US talk shows, Oprah Winfrey took stage to accept her Cecil B. DeMille Award with a powerful message that nearly brought the entire audience to tears. With a personal touch, Winfrey shared her rememberance of watching the 1964 Academy Awards and how she hopes that any individual watching, including little girls, know that a “new day is on the horizon!”

Listen for yourself:


Although this speech was a tear-jerker, it was also an eyebrow raiser in regards to a possible presidential campaign run? Many are toying with the idea, but there are currently no confirmations from Winfrey herself. Ivanka Trump took to Twitter to praise the speech, but Twitter was not having it.

ivanka trump


Take a look at Winfrey’s full backstage speech:


*Featured image from CNN*

Written by: Selena Cintron

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