One More Reason To Drink An Extra Cup Of Coffee

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks all over the world. Most of us can’t get our days started without a cup of coffee. Coffee has always been associated with numerous health benefits but is been cautioned of over consumption. But a recent research has shed some new light on the subject and even proposes to increase the daily consumption of coffee by a cup or two.

So, wondering what this new reason is that is proposing more consumption of coffee?

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Well, a recent research study suggests that drinking more coffee can reduce the damage to the liver caused by overindulging in alcohol and food. Southampton University’s Dr. Oliver Kennedy, along with her research team analyzed data from nine previously completed studies, which included combined participant strength of over 430,000. The study found that increasing the coffee intake by two additional cups has a significant impact on the risk of developing liver cirrhosis. In fact, that study claims that the risk of liver cirrhosis is reduced by 44% for every two cup increase in coffee intake per day.

There is no cure for cirrhosis. It is potentially fatal. Every year, one in a million is killed as a result of cirrhosis. It can be caused by various reasons such as fatty liver disease, immune disorders, excessive alcohol consumption and hepatitis infection. Diabetes and obesities can also contribute to cirrhosis. It is in the best interest of us all to prevent it.

Coffee is a very well-tolerated beverage. It is easily available everywhere and is cheap too. Hence, when there is a possibility of preventing liver cirrhosis with increased consumption of coffee, we must all take it. But, this does not mean you load yourself on frothy caramel lattes packed with sugar and topped with whipped cream. You should be smart about it.

Also, the study is not absolutely conclusive and does not say how coffee plays a role in reducing the risk of liver cirrhosis. There are many unresolved questions yet to be answered and more research needs to be done on the subject. What the study does is to point in a certain direction and link the connection between coffee and lower liver cirrhosis risk.

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The research has identified that one cup increase a day lowers the risk of liver cirrhosis by 22%. Two cups a day lowers the risk by 43%. Three cups and four cups a day respectively lower the risk by 57% and 65%.

Next time you feel like going for that extra cup of coffee, go for it and don’t hesitate. It does not do much harm and can reduce the risk of liver cirrhosis. But, also, keep in mind that drinking extra cups of coffee every day does not undo years of damage as a result of excessive alcohol consumption and being obese or overweight.

H/T: Business Insider

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