Newlyweds Surprise 91-Year-Old Grandmother

If you are 91 and eagerly looking forward to your grandson’s wedding, but have a bad fall on the big day and end up in the hospital, what would you do?

Would you be sad? Be extremely disappointed? Blame yourself for not being more careful? Or would you just pray for your grandson and wish he has a great life?

Well, Peg McCormack chose to do something amazing. She got into her wedding outfit, held a corsage in her hand, and lied down on the hospital bed thinking about her grandson and his big day.

For all my money, you are now thinking that it is very sweet of her to do so. You are also feeling sad that she could not attend the wedding. Well, this is only one side of the story.

While McCormack was on the hospital bed thinking about her grandson, her grandson Brian was not just busy getting married. He was also thinking about her, and more importantly planning something very special for her.

Brian wasn’t ready to let his grandma’s bad fall steal from her the joy of being with her grandson on his wedding day. He knew how excited she was for his wedding and she was living for this day.

So, Brian and his newlywed wife, Lauren, decided to do something special. They decided to take a detour between the wedding and the reception. As the happy newlyweds, the first thing that they decided to do was to go and visit his grandmother in the hospital.

When the couple did visit and surprise McCormack in her hospital bed, there were no boundaries to her joy. The gesture floored her. The joy and ecstasy is written all over her face.

A wedding day is one of the most memorable and unforgettable day in one’s life. This couple made it even more special by making it one of the most memorable days in the life of 91-year-old grandmother. This just says a lot about the couple and their priorities in life.

Everybody can have a grand and a fancy wedding. They can have countless photos with all the guests. But, only very few can say that they really had a meaningful and a truly special wedding. Brian and Lauren can definitely say they had one of the most beautiful weddings and cherish those memories forever, and not just in the photographs.

What makes this story even more special is that it was one of the last few experiences of McCormack before she passed away. As sad as it is, it would have been worse if she had spent that day alone in the hospital thinking about her grandson’s wedding, and spent her last few days in regret. Instead, thanks to Brian and Lauren, her last few days were spent cherishing happy memories.

H/T: Today

Photo Credit: Today

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