Myths About Banana You Should Stop Believing Now…

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Banana is one of the most popular and most widely used fruits on the planet. So, naturally there are many myths surrounding it. There are some myths that claim consuming banana everyday is dangerous to one’s health while others over promise on many of its benefits. Due to mixed messages about bananas in the media, people have become very skeptical about eating it on a daily basis.

More often than not people are more worried about consuming sugar through fruits than they are with consuming added sugar present in cakes and candies. This is a very genuine problem that needs to be addressed. Yes, consuming sugar is bad for health but it doesn’t mean that you have to completely eliminate it from your diet. We need certain amount of sugar, especially the ones present naturally in food.

Here, in a series of articles, we aim to bust many of the myths surrounding fruits and vegetables and we are starting with bananas.

Here are some myths about bananas that you have to stop believing in right away:

Bananas Are High On Sugar Content (Equal To Those In Candies)

To some extent this is true. A banana contains 12 to 14 grams of sugar. On the other hand, an ounce of dark chocolate also contains 14 grams of sugar. The important point here is that the sugar in a banana is natural while dark chocolate contains added sugar.

You might ask what the difference is in consuming the two. The difference is that a banana contains a lot more than just natural sugar. A banana contains three grams of fiber, one gram of protein, and a whole lot of other vitamins and minerals. The fiber in the banana, coming from pectins, slows down sugar absorption and carbohydrate digestion in the body. This interferes and reduces the spike in blood glucose levels, which would otherwise have occurred on consuming only sugar.

Even if you are a diabetic, you don’t have to worry about eating banana. If you are still skeptic, you can pair it with healthy fat and protein sources such as yogurt, seed butter, and nuts, which lessen the sugar spike.

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