MTV AMA’s red carpet – the best and the worst

American Music Awards are hosted every year by MTV. It is safe to say one of the big moments in music and entertainment industry . It is also the moment stars get the chance show off their fun styles, experiment with their looks and set some trends.

Just like with EMA’s that have happened just weeks ago and I have covered the hits and misses of the stars on the red carpet, in this article we will, well do the same.


Who wore what and is it good or bad.



Demi Lovato decided to look proportional for AMA’s and killed it in process


Selena Gomez knows that best way to promote new music is by making changes to public image


Jenna Dewan looked like a gilded porcelain statue




Kelly Rowland was radiant

Dj Khaled gets to be on this list because one member of his family knew how to dress – his adorable son

Jamie Fox and his wife came dressed to impress


Alesso made us fall in love with his look


Shawn Mendes pattern game was on point this time

Violetta Komyshan and Ansel Elgort looked like mermaid and sailor, and we loved it


Kendra Wilkinson was unrecognizable in a positive way


Lea Michelle was pretty in baby pink


Heidi Klum in pink 80s retro chic


Ciara missed the note and came looking like she is wearing a garbage bag – not cute


Nicole Kidman was there… not so sure what look was she going for but the dress was too short and boots just …did not match anything.


Jesse Tyler Fergusons shirt was just horrible


We kow Pink loves pink, but this was too much pink even for us who love Pink

Sabrina Carpenter looked like she covered up with a kilt from a giant Scotish Highlander

Nick Jonas looked uncomfortable the whole time – he should size up


Yara Shahidi did way too much, ended up looking like she is a school girl that joined her father on some kind of 19th-century expedition.

We do not know what kind of turban wearing punk style Cannon was going for, but i was not there for it

Julia Michaels dress was way too confusing


Bebe Rexha just missed the whole look



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