Beauty awards for 2017

At the end of every year, gets 250 voters, professionals who are in the fashion industry, stylists, designers, editors, photographers, to vote on models who they think were the best, who have done best work in the year that passed.

There are quite a few categories they get to vote on, for example there is separate voting for female and male ”model of the year” , then there is a category for ”breakout star” again for both sexes separate, we have a category for those who managed to dominate social media in the year that has past, street style, and celebrity model again for both genders.

As you can see there is a lot of opinions to be given to a lot of models, celebrities, and socialites. What is interesting also to mention includes general publics opinions which make this even more interesting. listens to what regular people, their readers have to say and they take it in the count.


We are now in the middle of January and I think it is time for us to cold headed look at their list.


Award for ”Model of the year ‘ by industry vote went to Adwoa Aboah and the readers picked Bella Hadid.

Model of the year is defined as an individual who got to work quite much through the year and made their presence known by booking with best of the best in the industry. We can agree that both ladies that got awarded truly did make a presence on the fashion scene in 2017.

Adwoah is industries choice while Hadid is choice of the readers for ”model of the year”

Second in place for industries choice was model Vittoria Ceretti while readers picked other Hadid, Gigi.

Ferreti and Gigi Hadid were runner up’s

When it comes to male models Industry awarded Paul Hameline as ”model of the year” while people decide it was Cameron Dallas.

Hameline and Dallas got 1st place for male models

Runner-up for the male model of the year both by industries choice and by the choice of people was Jordan Barret.

Barret was second in line to become model of the year by both industries and peoples choice

An award for ”Breakout Star” in the female category went to Kaia Gerber by choice of both industry and people. Breakout star is similar to the model of the year, it has a big presence in the industry and has worked with best of the best in it in short period of time because they are new to the scene.

Kaia, Cindy Crawfords daughter is industries and peoples #1 choice for a breakout star

Runner-ups were Slick Woods and Duckie Thot 

When it comes to male models industry has picked Alton Mason as the Breakout star while readers decided another child of a famous 90s supermodel, Presley Gerber deserved an award.

Mason and Gerber were picked as breakout stars by industry and people

Their runner-ups were Jonas Goler by industry choice and Matthew Noszka by readers choice.

Goler and Noszka were only second in line by industry and reader choice…makes us wonder how Noszka is not #1 everywhere

Now contemporary models know they have to step up their game on social media also because even that can get them an award. The industry decided to award Cameron Russell with their  Social Media Star award, Russel who really did make social media a platform on which women from fashion industry can voice out their troubles in the industry itself. Readers on other hand decided to award Bella Hadid who is one very active model on social media, constantly sharing with her followers her life.

Next in line for this award were models Hari Nef, the transgender model by choice of industry and Chrissy Teigen, who is known by her social media activity even more than by her modeling by choice of people.

Male Social Media Star award by choice of industry went to Luka Sabbat while readers decided Neels Visser is the one who should get it.

Luka’s and Neels presence on social media was awarded both by industry and people

Runner-ups were controversial male model Jeremy Meeks by choice of industry and by choice of people it was Lucky Blue Smith

Best Street Style award throughout the year by industry choice went to Aboah while readers, the people decided it should go to Romij Strijd.

Teddy Quinlivan and Sara Sampaio were their runner-ups when it comes to street style.

Teddy was industries choice while Sara was picked by the readers


As we can see choices by both industry and people were quite interesting and versetile, in some cases often opposing while in others both people and industry agreed that certain individuals deserve said awards.



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