Model Vita Mir

We often have the pleasure of looking at fresh young faces of models wearing beautiful clothes on runways and photoshoots but how many of those faces have names and stories that we do not know about simply because we don’t have a huge pr agencies pushing them. But I feel like it is my duty to present you with extraordinary models who are amazing at what they do while they look beautiful doing it.

In this article, we are going to meat Vita Mir, 20-year-old model of mixed origin and a beauty poets could write inspiring songs about.

Vita is Russian as we expected the beauty of the kind to come from a place where most of our best models come from, mother of models Russia. The town she calls her home and to which she always loves returning as she exclaims in her Instagram stories is Saint-Petersburg.

Vita explained where her unique beauty comes from, as her father is Afghan of Persian origin and her mother comes from the coldest place on earth wherein winters temperatures fall up to -50 C, the interesting place is located in far east Russia, Yakutia!

She started modeling by taking her destiny into her own hands, despite thinking she will not be anything special she did not wait for things just to happen to her. She was just 15 when she saw an add in newspapers searching for models and answered the call, after which the trained eye of Russian modeling industry saw potential in her and set her career off.

Her first job was in South Korea and she has had a positive experience with it despite the shoot being super long.

Vita’s interests are diverse as she explains she prefers watching documentaries and listening to Beach House.

Vita is maybe not one of the models you see and know her name, but you certainly have the ”wait I have seen this face before moments” and how could you not when she was part of some of the most famous campaigns of worlds best-known brands.

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