Model Antonina Petkovic

Antonina Petkovic is one of those young models whose name you yet might not know but they are always around you. She graces covers of the biggest magazines, walks for the most famous brands and you can see her even music videos of greats such as Lady Gaga!

Antonina’s unique looks and body of a fairy, beauty of her Serbian origin we must say, have granted her entrance into the exclusive world of high fashion and commercial modeling when she was just 15, now she walks the runway next to Adriana Lima and Naomi Campbel, but back then she was a fresh highschooler with love for all things fashion related.

Antonina for Chloe

She was discovered when she entered the Elite Model Look competition, a year after she was off to Paris and her rich modeling career has started, and it started on runways of Vivien Westwood no less! The same year she became the face of Victoria Beckham’s line.  She said that she entered the competition on the recommendation of others. She was skinny and tall and everyone would tell her she should do it, so she did and the rest is history.

Antonina can brag about gracing the covers of almost all big magazines, among which is even Vogue one! Every model’s dream is to be on Vogue cover, and Antonina has been there.

Designers claim she is a good representation of young chic female, her expressive facial features tell the story that she is given to tell, therefore she is a perfect model.

When asked about what it takes to become a model, and not just of any kind, but the one like she is, Antonina humbly answers that It doesn’t take only beauty for a young person to succeed in the modeling world, one has to have character, be different. She adds that there are many beautiful young women who aspire to become models, therefore you have to make yourself prominent. She says that her family had a great influence on her and that it formed her character which fashion world recognized and liked. Antonina adds that being professional and respectful is crucial in the modeling industry to succeed just like in any other.

Antonina’s beauty is without question, but besides her lovely facial features her naturally wavy hair has captured the hearts of many and she became the main figure a few years ago when curly hair was promoted.At that time fashion world has tried to find models who look like her but they could not find anyone with her energy and character.

As we can see you can be a great model without much noise behind her. Antonina is a humble young woman who bravely is conquering fashion world and should serve as inspiration and nothing else.

Antonina with her fellow model Advoa Aboah

When the start of your career is as bright as Antonina’s you can be assured the rest of it will be magnificent. We can not wait to see more of her on the runway and in editorials!



Written By: Milica Dj.


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