Met Gala 2018

Met Gala is an annual costume party, or better said a fundraising ball for Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. It marks the opening of their Fashion exhibition that happens, just as the ball itself, annually and lasts for a couple of days.

Met Gala is one of the classiest and most followed events in fashion and entertainment industry. Getting invited to Met Gala is a special thing most celebrities look forward to. Every year the Ball has a fashion theme that is given to its attendants so they would come dressed accordingly, therefore it is a costume party or said more classy Ball.

This year the theme was Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and Catholic Imagination

After the Ball exhibition in the museum is also under the given theme.

The theme was announced last year and dare we say we expected everything from worlds most controversial figures in fashion. The host for the night was popular fashion designer Donatella Versace.

Observations, in general, were that celebrities did not disappoint. The theme was touchy and there was a lot of place for it to go wrong and offend millions of Christian believers, commit blasphemy, luckily only a few attendants really went there and they will not be posted in this Article out of respect for our readers and so we would not reward their attention seeking needs.

As always when it comes to presenting who wore what at this kind of events at She Simply, we will have a ”Best and Wost” list’s, in this case, who followed the theme of the party and who missed it.




Lily Collins, actress and daughter of famous singer Phil Collins came dressed in a gothic-inspired black dress with a dark metal halo.

Singer Ariana Grande came dressed in a beautiful ball gown by Vera Wang which had a pattern of Baroque Catholic imagery.

Kate Bosworth was dressed perfectly for the occasion. She has not done the look in a teathric way or came underdressed.

I have to admit i was afraid of celebrities dressing up in nuns and ending up looking… i shall not name how, but when i saw Greta Gerwig arrive in her obvious nun inspired ballgown i was relieved and in love with the look!

Priyanka Chopras interpretation of a knight was our favorite, take note Zendaya.

We loved Kim Kardashians look for the night. She was in a golden dress with a few crosses on it, it was not over costume yet it did follow the theme.





Zendaya was a little bit too costumey for our fashion tastes, it looked like she came right after the filming of the movie about Catholic Saint Joan of Arc. We are sad we have to put her in this list because of the magnificent design of her dress from Versace.


Very pregnant rapper Cardi B was dressed in a magnificently crafted dress by Moschino but unlike Zendaya who has overdone it she seemed like she missed the part in her invitation about the theme.


Chadwick Boseman was dressed badly in our opinion. Putting a cross on a cloak does not make it good enough. And let us all forget those horrible baroque patterned pants. Amen.

Frances McDormand should have worn a sign in her hand explaining what was her costume representing.

Sarah Jessica Parker looked like she is the table on which reliques are worn when they are going through cities.


Jaden Smith obviously was party crashing, nothing else could explain what he wore.


Just like our dear Zendaya, Katy Perry looked like she came from a set of a movie about a… winged superhero.

We get the message Lena Waithe was trying to send, we just don’t get why was it so poorly presented. The cloak looked like it was taken from a parachute. Not to mention it had little to do with the theme.

Solange Knowles … she… was dressed like gothic rapper wrapped in seaweed, with a halo of course. Maybe it’s art, but if you ask us it is called trying to hard to get noticed.


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