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Pregnancy is also known as ”second state”, the second state of the female psyche, the second state of her body and no less second state of her fashion style.

Many women believe that once they get pregnant they will not have as much opportunity to express themselves through fashion. Flashbacks of kitschy maternity clothes flashes before their eyes. Wide, long and frumpy. Maybe that was the case just 30 years ago, but not now!

Maternity clothes can be sexy, fancy, playful, serious… a woman does not have to change who she is anymore, fashion is now catering to mamas.

I am going to present you a few pregnancy styles that YOU can wear while pregnant that famous women have worn successfully themselves.

Bohemian comfort

Bohemian style is…hectic, at first glance, but underneath all those patterns and jewels lay fine fabrics and comfy designs that would be perfect for pregnant women. You get comfort combined with one of the most interesting and liberating fashion styles out there.

Actress Megan Fox is a fan of the style while pregnant. Fox mixes it up with rock elements such as band t-shirts and lots of black leather jackets, inevitable ray ban sunnies and long cardigans. This is a great fashion style for all comfort loving ladies. You can wear only skirts and dresses through the whole pregnancy and look amazing.


Urban style is all about tight shirts, fancy outwear, jeans, jeans and more jeans, and high heels. It might sound too much for a pregnant lady, but if we take actress Blake Lively as an example… it doesn’t, doesn’t it.

You can obviously alter the style as you wish, wear flat shoes and loose fit jeans, point is, you are pregnant but you don’t have to give up on your urban style.


Urban Rock

Rock style, you might say that combined with word maternity it sounds crazy and impossible to combine, but Liv Tyler, daughter of one of the most famous rockers proves us all wrong.

Pregnant women can wear black, they can wear suspenser jeans and skirts and look COOL at the same time. Pregnant women ROCK.



Pink, flowy, girly, smart – all the words associated with fancy don’t really seem to match all the way with pregnant, right? WRONG. Heiress Nicky Hilton is a great example of how pregnant ladies can continue to wear short, pastel girly dresses and skirts and look amazing. Smart, tights styles are also something you can enjoy while pregnant, at least judging by the pretty starlet.


You don’t have to become an asexual person and forget about your favorite bodycon dresses, tight and low cut clothes! You can be sexy and pregnant at the same time and most importantly still be comfortable. One of the sexiest women alive, most famous reality tv star, Kim Kardashian has never let her sex goddess image down, not even while she was pregnant. Kim wore alot of tight fashion items, long and tight, short and tight, tight aaaall around.

Her sisters Kourtney, Kylie, and Khloe are huge fans of sexy maternity styles as well.

Simple Chic

The lovers of simple chic style might think there is no way they can pull off that look while pregnant, are wrooong, and we are proved that by Jamie King who wore the style throughout her second state(s).

Fancy tight sweaters, cute short dresses, tights… you can all wear it while pregnant.

Classy Traditional

Women who love classy dresses and prefer traditional style might like what most famous Princess and future Queen of GB wore through her pregnancies. Kate was radiant in smart dresses and suits, she wore a lot of patterned and colorful clothes and never looked like it bothered her while she traveled the world.

As you can see maternity clothes do not have to be something scary. You do not have to give up on your style in those 9 months. You can wear what you and in the way, you like it while managing to look well put together and tasteful.

You should not care of what society thinks what pregnant woman should wear, break boundries and be yourself all the time. By being yourself you will be best role model for your own children.

Congratulations ladies.

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