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Stuck on what to be for Halloween this year? Although the options are endless, it always seems as though unique ideas are nearly impossible to come up with. Costumes aren’t enough anymore – everyone wants the best makeup and/or accessories to go with the getup. Last year’s costume phenomenons were Harley Quinn/The Joker and clowns. YouTube Gurus have been flooding their channels with tutorials dedicated to Halloween tutorials for Halloween 2017.

Chrisspy – Pin Up Devil Halloween Tutorial

A cool wig, water-activated paint, spoolie eyebrows, black lips, horns, and voila! Effortlessly, Chrisspy will guide you step-by-step on how to transition from innocence to devilish with a splash of sass.

chrisspy halloween

James Charles – Neon Skull

One necessary product for this creative look is white eyeliner! James does an excellent job at making such a masterpiece come together so easily if followed step by step. This look looks awesome in a dimmed-light setting!

james charles makeup

Nikkie Tutorials – Vampire Princess

Vampy vibes! We love it. Nikkie used a textured sponge to created the red blood-splattered look. A dark lip with a droplet of blood topped it off.

nikkie tutorials

Chrisspy – IT Pennywise

James Charles and Chrisspy had jaw-dropping view numbers on their IT Pennywise tutorial. With a sick intro, Chrissy’s tutorial featured her gluing down her brows and giving her viewers a creepy grin.

chrisspy tutorial

Christen Dominique – Two Face | Death

Half glam and half death – the perfect combination. You can dress this look up with a cute fit or a dark one.

christen dominique makeup

Courtney Little – Coraline

Courtney throws it back to 2009. Buttons for eyes? Why not. Coraline is a classic. Although this look may seem very intimidating, you will without a doubt be the most sought out costume of the evening.

courtney little makeup

Desi Perkins – Medusa Glam

This look screams glitz, grool, and glammer! Desi used gold leaf over and above her brow bone in order to achieve this look inspired by a runway show, photography, and Lady Gaga as The Countess in American Horror Story.

desi perkins glam medusa

Spice up your Halloween with these unique ideas. A few makeup products and props will take your costume to a whole new level.

Written by: Selena Cintron

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