Lower Back Pain – Find Comfort and Relief

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Here are some of the most effective ways of treating lower back pain before going on to considering extreme treatments:

Painkiller Pills

While you are giving your back time to recover, you can opt to use some painkiller pills to deal with the pain. Naproxen (Aleve), ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil) and other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) help a great deal in pain relief. Medical research suggests that NSAIDs are more effective than acetaminophen (Tylenol) when it comes to lower back pain relief. The important thing to keep in mind is that regularly using NSAIDs causes gastrointestinal problems. If you have to take it for more than 10 days, it is a must to consult your doctor.

Change Your Mattress

Sometimes your mattress might either be causing your lower back pain or interfering with the treatment and prolonging the condition. So, if your mattress is over six to eight years old or is sagging significantly, then you must consider changing it. If you are experiencing lower back pain, then many researches suggest that you would be better off sleeping on a medium-firm mattress than on a firm one.

Taking Rest Does Not Mean Bed Rest

When you are told to rest for back pain, it does not mean that you have to lie on your bed the whole day and do nothing. It is best to indulge in simple physical activity. Walking and gentle stretches are great way to ensure that your back is recovering. If you are at your desk in the office, then just periodically standing up will also prevent muscle imbalances and help in stabilizing your spine. No matter how difficult it might seem to do yoga when suffering with lower back pain, yoga can do wonders for you in recovering from it. This claim is backed by numerous researches. So, it would definitely not hurt to try it.

Massages and Chiropractic Therapies

Get yourself a good relaxing massage. Studies have shown that massages not only help in relieving back pain but also in many cases get rid of it within 10 weeks. Control groups have shown that even general relaxation rubdowns can be very effective and useful. Chiropractic and osteopathic therapies also are useful. These therapies focus on stretching and repositioning of joints and muscles. This is again backed by medical research. According to a study published in 2013 in the Annals of Family Medicine, 63% of the participants who underwent 6 osteopathic manual treatments for 8 weeks saw a moderate improvement in lower back pain and 50% reported substantial improvements.

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