LOL: When Kids Took Instructions Literally, We Mean LITERALLY!!!

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If there is one thing that you cannot question, that is children’s logic. That is because you did not give them the right instructions 🙂 When you say something figuratively and they take it literally, all you can do is sit back and have quiet smile and wonder. Here we have collected some pictures of children taking instructions literally. Trust us, it will leave you in splits 🙂

1. When teachers ask silly questions 😉

2. I was fixing the PC, and my son brought his toy: he says, “Sonic will help to increase its speed!”

3. My dad told my son to get ready for a bedtime story adventure, so he grabbed his warm hat and a flashlight.

4. We told him he could use videos on YouTube to train his dog…

5. When you tell your kid he can’t go outside… Here is a future lawyer 🙂

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