LOL: Husband Documents His Trip To IKEA With His Wife & It’s Hilarious

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11. More rats. I begin to speculate they are somehow significant in Swedish culture.

12. She has commented on how sturdy these spoons are. Our other measuring spoons do not strike me as structurally unsound.

13. “This is where you get napkins,” she asserts. I have to agree that, on evidence, she is right.

14. “Ready?” she asks. I say yes, but I’m not sure what she is referring to.

15. “This would be really pretty,” says my wife. I express hesitance to hang a picture of a random woman on my wall. She was talking about the picture frame. I am on thin ice.

16. We live in a basement. I fear for the lives of any plants we procure.

17. “What is this, even?” my wife asks. The label holds no answers.

18. My wife says these remind her of baobab trees. I patiently remind her that baobabs are hundreds of feet tall. She will detach a retina if she keeps rolling her eyes like that.

19. I’ve been busted.

20. We are checking out. We have a microwave cover, a sugar bowl, and a drawer divider. We do not have a mirror. “I want ice cream,” says my wife.

21. “I love you forever, even though I already have to,” says my wife. I love her too.

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Photo Credits: Imgur, Inspire More

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