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Libra, an air sign ruled by the planet of beauty and love, one and only Venus! Of course, you Libras will pay much attention to the appearance of your body, and that includes your style, it is only natural to you as you are a mix of material and intellectual energies by the sign you were born under.

She Simply continues presenting best from our shop through the symbolics of signs you were born in, and we are excited to go through the closet favorites of our lovely Libras, the famous fashionistas of the zodiac.

The sign of balance, justice and partnership can not be boring to dress.

1. Blazers

Libra is all about looking pretty and smart, it is an air sign, which means it will pay attention to the things it puts on itself. Picking a beige color will suit libras needs for authentic simplicity and aesthetic purity.

You can have this lovely elegant and glamorous blazer for only 66$

Have in mind that your Libra colors are also all kinds of pastel or better known powdery colors, so picking blazers in baby pink or light blue cannot be a mistake for you my darling Librans, do not be afraid, those colors will open you up as you are an air sign before anything else.


2. Bodycon Dresses

Libras are known for their great bodies and they are not afraid to show them. The shape of the body that libra rules are soft hourglass and pear shape, so the curves are in Libran nature and should be appreciated. Bodycon dresses will accent the natural luscious shape majority of Libras have, and they will not look like anything else but classy and feminine in it because whatever Libra touches and owns has to have class.

This lovely floral baby pink bodycon is fit for every Libra and you can have it for only 56$!


3. Pumps

As the ultimate female sign, libras love wearing high heels, the ultimate feminine shoes, pumps are their number one pick for every occasion because they can fit all their Libra ruled needs, to look feminine, sexy and professional also known as ”smart” at the same time.

These beige babies will fit Libras aesthetic quite well, and they are only 120$ a bargain for this amazing design and quality that is guaranteed

For the days when you Libras feel more daring this rhinestone velvety pumps that you can have for 127$ are just perfect


4. Sparkly clutches

Libras love fancy clutches and they love subtle sparkle here and there. Clutches are Libras favorite type of bag, followed by the medium-sized leather totes which they use to present their smart and business side – but the sparkly rhinestone clutches are their no 1 pick.

The fun starts when Libra feels glam – get this bag for only 28$ and feel like a queen


5. Big sunglasses

The glamorous feminine life means always wearing big, dark sunnies and they are a must in every Libras closet! To hide or to attract more attention with them, intentions of Libras are hard to figure out. One thing is sure they are their favorite accessories. Libras tend to have perfect oval faces so sunnies that are big are just a natural for their facial shape.

For only 16$ you can have the same sunnies our Libra Kim Kardashian loves wearing.



6. Shawls

An ultimate lady always has to have something elegant to wrap herself in, no matter the occasion and time of the day. If you see a person wrapped in a shawl be assured they are Libras or are libra dominant (meaning they have quite a number of planets in this sign). Libra loves to mix comfort with elegance and shawls are therefore often a good and natural pick.

Wrap yourself up in this elegant shawl for only 58$


7. Statment jewelry

Libras love accessories but they prefer it simple, shiny and big individual pieces over stacked ones. A big silver or gold watch on their wrist alone will complete their look. They know how to look rich without trying hard. Libra is all about balance and they know how to balance their jewels.

This elegant golden watch that you can have for 13$ is your perfect accessory to round up your libra look


As you can see Libra is one of the most interesting signs when it comes to fashion, and how could it not be when it is ruled by the planet of beauty. The balance between dressing smart and elegant/luxurious is a Libra expertise.


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