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The time of the most glamorous and dramatic people has come! Move over Cancerians the Leo season is on.

One of the most prominent signs in astrology did not become known as such overnight, it took people born under this constellation centuries to build a famous reputation that they have. They were born as beautiful and as interesting as they present themselves to be, but what made them always stand out is the dashing attire they got known for, which takes a true talent to pull off.

Sparkle here, loud color there, and a bit of gold and animal print everywhere.

We have presented you with items from our well-known store (one and only She Simply Shops) that would suit Gemini and Cancer born people aesthetic, it is time to present our Leo readers with the best of the best Leo worthy from our glam store.


Animal Print

Of course, you knew we will put this print on the list, we know Leos love, love, love drama but yours truly is a Gemini so I am not up to the task when it comes to building it. What the writer of this article knows (that is me) is what Leos love wearing (because i am a good observer and because my ascendant is in Leo (everyone who is in astrology knows that whoever has Leo ascendant will point out that he/she/me has Leo ascendant, who am i to break the chain? )). Leo loves the attention, that is true, and animal print is beautiful and it is certainly eye-catching but the appeal of animal print is not only in its loudness it is also appealing to Leos nature-loving side, being one with the wilderness.

You can have this wild swimsuit for 23$ It is on sale!

Buying this swimsuit is probably a great investment for Leos, there will be no summer you will not rock it, we are sure, it is a timeless beauty.

you can be trendy in this leopard summer dress for only 30$

This dress is also a great option for our Leos, not only because of the print but also because the type of this dress is super sexy and super trendy this season.



The color of royalty, of course, a Leo has to have something in this color, otherwise are you truly a Leo, the king of the sky if you do not own fashion items in purple color, the color of the kings and queens ?

This amazing velvet purple dress can be yours for only 50$

Doesn’t this dress look like made for royalty? It is purple and velvet AND it is off shoulder – we know leo’s have some of the best shoulders out there, so flaunt them like only you know how to.


For just 39$ this amazing playsuit can make YOU look amazing just like our model

All eyes would be on you in this lovely, deep cleavage purple playsuit.



Leo is ruled by the star that is closest to earth and is the center of our solar system, aka the Sun, Leos ruler is the star our world literally revolves around so obviously, Leos expect for everyone to revolve around them, and how do you grab everyone’s attention in the 21st century…and like always? By wearing one of the most expensive metals naturaly, gold, which btw is metal that is associated with the sun and the astrological sign of LEO, it all makes sense, doesn’t it?

You can have this amazing, glamorous playsuit for only 103$


Take a deep breath my Leo readers, i know you all gasped after you saw this amazing gold playsuit – now take out your credit card, this has to be yours, you know it, we know it.


Play homage to your ruling star by buying this lovely bohemian bracelet for only 14$

Take your star out there and let it shine. Picking jewelry that has the sun on it is great for you.


Hair Accessories

Leos are also known for their manes, so naturally, people born under this sign will love taking care of their locks, They will pull attention to it with lovely hair accessories to boast with how awesome their hair is.

No one can take eyes off of this headband and you can have it for just 35$

Like a diva from the 60’s this hair jewel will make your head have the crown it deserves.

This simple and effective headband can be yours for only 9$!


Even when Leo wants to go in direction of minimalism the item you decide to wear has to make you stand out. Simple headbands such as this one will do the trick.


You had the chance to be presented with some of the amazing items we have in our shop, you can find even more amazing Leo worthy clothes and accessories at She Simply Shops and let me tell you a secret – we have a huge sale going on right now so you can have all this and more at some awesome prices!

Ready, set… go shopping!


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