Knitting And Health Benefits…

Have you ever seen anyone knitting and wondered why they did that? Are you one of those who did not understand people’s interest in something as simple as knitting? Did you ever wonder what benefits could a monotonous task of knitting have?

Well, continue reading and you will be surprised.


Yes, knitting is repetitive, monotonous and to some extent an idle task. Yet, it has great benefits. For starters, it is a great feeling to create something on your own. With knitting as a hobby you end up creating something tangible that you can call it your own creation. Apart from creating a useful product, knitting also gives a boost to your self-esteem. It is a great way to let your creative juices flow and satisfy the urge to express yourself.

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Knitting also has numerous physical and mental health benefits. This is where it gets very interesting and blows your mind. You would have never thought that such a simple task could do so much for you. Many studies have been conducted to understand the benefits of knitting. The benefits discussed below are all backed up professional research and testimonies.

Knitting is a great stress buster and helps you relax. An expert in mind/body medicine, Dr. Herbert Benson says that the repetitive needle work action involved in knitting induces a relaxed state that is similar to the state induced during meditation and yoga. It greatly helps in lowering heart rate and blood pressure. It also reduces the levels of cortisol, which is a stress hormone that could be harmful at high levels.


Creative fulfillment and stress relaxation are the most common and main benefits cited by many that regularly knit, but the benefits of knitting don’t just stop there. Many programs have been designed over knitting to help people quit smoking, overcome eating disorders and cope with crisis such as serious illness or cancer diagnosis of family members. There are many programs designed over knitting in schools and prisons because the results show that knitting enhances social skills and has a calming effect. It also improves math skills of students as it requires understanding and following complex instructions.

The repetitive hand work while knitting helps people having arthritic fingers to retain dexterity with age. A woman suffering from autoimmune disease, which caused her immense pain in the hands, has reported that knitting and crocheting has resulted in less painful and stiffer hands.

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Knitting not only helps those who are already having health issues, but also plays a role in preventing many issues. Many researches and tests have claimed that knitting and crocheting greatly reduces the decline in brain function associated with ageing. Engaging in knitting reduces the chances of developing memory loss and mild cognitive impairment with age. It also helps establish new neural pathways contributing to better brain health.

Well, dint I tell you that you would be surprised. Yes, this simple hobby can have tremendous health benefits for you. So, what are you waiting for? Go find the needle and yarn, and get started…

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Photo Credits: Good Health, Derby WEA, Good Relaxation

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