Kim Kardashian wins the (unofficial) award for best costumes this year


Last year Kylie Jenner made us all applaud on her spot on costume of Xtina, and this year Kim not only made us praise one of her costumes, but 4 of them, and even her unofficial costume she used when she was trick or treating was amazing.

Kim started her Halloween dress up marathon when she and her friend Jonathan Cheban dressed up as Kim’s favorite celebrity, Cher, and her ex-husband Sonny. Everyone was in awe. This would not be the first time Kim paid homage to famous fellow Armenian born singer, she made it loud and clear Cher was her inspiration in life many times, and only a few months ago she graced the cover of Harper’s Bazaar Arabia channeling her inner Armenian diva.

Kim and Cheban as Cher and Sonny Bono


Following the theme, she set up for herself, her favorite musicians, Kim accompanied by her older sister Kourtney Kardashian dressed up as Madonna, while sister was dressed up as Michael Jackson.

Sisters dressed up as music icons of the last century


She then bravely paid homage to late singer Aaliyah, the costume was scrutinized by some, but we can all agree she did it well despite everything her haters are trying to say.


Kim did not stop there, we can see on her snapchat that she paid homage to another icon from the past who unfortunately just like Aaliyah did not live long enough, the late singer Selena. As we can see Kim had so much fun channeling her inner Latin Diva and she did an amazing job. It is obvious to see she is a fan because she got the moves of late Diva down.


We can all agree that Kim takes an award for best COSTUMES this year. The effort she and her team put into this is evident, and so is love she has for the people she dressed up as.

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