Kim Kardashian debuts Yeezy season 6


There is no better person for the job of promotion than Kim Kardashian, whatever she wears is most surely to get huge attention, it gets sold out and copied within seconds. Her husband is famous rapper Kanye West who a few years ago became a controversial fashion designer, so it is only natural that the collaboration between the two was about to happen.

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Yeezy Season 6

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Kim Kardashian, Kanye’s muse as he often would call her, was seen last week in Kanye’s season 6 clothes with obvious agenda of promoting his new designs. Well, she and her family are constantly promoting his brand.

If you have observed previous Kanye’s seasons you have noticed that Kanye loves designing urban streetwear with a dash of elegance. He prefers monochromatic and neutral colors and old-school shapes, and the season 6, as far as we could see on Kim is not much different when it comes to that. This season beige, dusty blue and charcoal prevailed.


Kanye focused on bikers, trousers, hoodies, leggings and caps


Kim’s new silver do complimented the color palette of her hubby.

What is very interesting and attention grabbing, which obviously means it was a great marketing move, is that Kim promoted the clothes by making it seem like she was captured in them by accident – she is a celebrity and we can agree on that is the best way for her to do it. Now the attention-grabbing thing is not the accidental paparazzi photoshoot she had, but the fact that she managed to wear up to 9 outfits in a single day. Everyone was like ”well what is Kim doing?” – now we know she promoted agresivly her husdbands season 6 line.


Personally, i can only say that both of them did a great job.


Written by: Milica Dj.

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