Kenza x Puma

One of the most famous sport fashion brands, Puma, apparently has found a way to keep us all watching in their direction, as they have started numerous collaboration lines with famous personalities and fashion influencers. Among the likes of Kylie Jenner and Rihanna, we got to see them have a collaboration with one of the most famous fashion influencers, about whom we have had a little conversation on this very page, Kenza Zouiten Subosic aka Kenzas!

Known for impeccable and fun style one could only expect an interesting line to come out of this collaboration, and that is exactly what we got.

Kenza announced that her collection is in stores on February 15th this year, and it was what we all expected to hear after we found out that she will have a collection WITH the big brand. Sadly not all Puma stores are having it, we can mostly find it through northern and western Europe, but luckily for us not located there, there is always Pumas online store we can go to and order our fave pieces online.

collection is big and lovely

When it comes to the collection itself, it truly does say ”Kenzas” all over it, and it is not in written form.

The collection comes in mostly white, baby pink and black color with golden details, with some floral elements. With all things mentioned you can imagine urban, romantic sportswear collection that is fit of every girly sport loving young lady. Kenza is known a lover of tights, so expectedly we got to see a good number of her designs with them. What i personally loved the most is her bell sleeved crop hoodies! Another interesting thing, item worth mentioning, or better said giving it more exposure is her lovely balcony sports bra, it looks pretty and is definitively quite practical by the looks of it

we love bell sleeved crop hoodie and sports balcony bra way too much


The whole collection is quite trendy, very 2018 yet has a unique personal touch of a known fashion lover and follower Kenza herself.

On February 18th Kenza x Puma collab has held the launch event for the line in a fine restaurant ”Mister French” where they had a dinner for artists and fellow fashion influencers and later Kenzas biggest supporters friends and family came to have a good time at an afterparty. Based on the pictures we can see they all had great time, and lovely fashion influencer looked very happy (how could she not be? ).

Everything we know of the collaboration and launch party is thanks to lovely blogger herself who proudly posted all the pictures you get to see here and shared her exciting experience with us on her personal blog

proudly posing with her collection, Kenza Subosic

We are happy for Kenza, we are happy that Puma has another great collection and we are happy as their customers we will have a chance to wear it!

Kenza once again set a great example for all other fashion influencers with her creativity and modesty at the same time.


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