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Europe is known as a reformer when it comes to fashion. We all know what influence fashion had in past, it was supposed to be an indicator of one’s social ranking among other important things. European women have for centuries used it to redefine their own place in the world, and with Europian social, military and economic domination, the influence clothes have, the influence of fashion has spread all over the world.

Europe nowadays seems to be a pretty homogenous place with differences among countries being minimal, but some of the inner cultural differences among various European groups did not cease to exist just yet – we still can say that there are European fashion styles recognizable among some of the largest European groups.


Italian style

Among the world-famous and best-known styles in fashion is Italian style. Italy is known to be one of the capitals of the fashion world, it has given us a number of recognizable game changers in fashion, such as Emporio Armani, Versace, Pucci and so, so many others.

What makes Italian style recognizable are rich colors, fine materials, elegant, sensual and feminine forms.

To dress up in Italian style you have to think of rich colors, such as yellow, red, blue and black. Do not be afraid of floral patterns, do not be afraid of silk, satin, lace, and materials that hug your body at all the right places while they loosely drop at the other parts. You should also be a fan of high waisted clothes, as Italian women love putting the accent on their waists. Characteristic of Italian style is also gold – think about gold chains, brooches and other lovely ornaments you can stick to your clothes. Italian women like to have their hair long, wavy and in a half updo, they are also fans of hair bands.

Italian women like wearing heels, but due to Italy’s terrain being kinda weird for the same, you know it has hills and mountains, medium length is the length that got to characterize their style, and of course as Italy is known to be the country of high-quality footwear the diversity of shoes Italians love is huge.







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