How To Wear Cargo Pants

The trends from early 2000’s are still coming back and Cargo pants are a true reminder of those times if you ask us.

During the 2017 and 2018, we had a chance to witness the appearance of military print on almost everything. The army aesthetic was oh so present but somehow the army essentials, the cargo pants were missing – until now.

Cargo pants, or trousers if you wish, were designed for the army, their shape and colors used for them are quite telling, so is their practicality – have you seen how many pockets cargo pants can have? Like always urban fashion has found a way to merge an item that is worn as uniform with our regular fashion items and create a whole new style and place for it in this big stylish world. Cargo pants first became popular in urban areas, where life is fast and you need items that can help you out a bit, and pants with so many pockets served the purpose.

When it comes to styling cargo pants in female fashion, it can get pretty interesting.

Usually, we females like to stick to the sexy and feminine area so wearing cargo pants, which usually are pretty baggy, with a cami top or tube tops is a great idea. Cargo pants will not only be comfortable but also make your lower body look fuller, we do not wish to look bigger than we are so sticking to tight tops is more than a great idea.

You can ditch the top all together

Deciding on the right footwear is huge when it comes to styling the cargo pants. If you pick Dr. Marteens or Timberlands you are risking on looking like a soldier, if you, on the other hand, decide to style your cargos with sports sneakers you might end up looking like a character from early 2000’s dance-off movies, and finally if you pick high heels you really need to put effort with the rest of the look because there is huge chance of making yourself look try-hardish.

less is more when it comes to accessories when you are wearing cargos

The best thing you can do when styling your cargo pants is to stay true to your own style. Keep in mind the before mentioned fact that if the pants are wider you should stick to tighter tops. By no means wearing Cargo pants means that you have to stick to less feminine styles.

watch what you wear on your feet, it can make or break your look

Allways keep in mind that these pants are accessories in their own right, so try not to go crazy with accessorizing while wearing them.

Cargo pants do not come only in green, olive colors and army patterns so you have a good pass with that. Cargos come in sand and camel colors the most after greens but you can also find them in burgundy, pink or yellow also – we recomend sticking to less striking colors because the design of the pants is enough attention grabbing.


To create a more feminine look, picking a good top is everything. Spaghetti strap tops and tops with lace will do their tricks.

The cargo pants are offering a great opportunity for you to have some fun with your style. This are the pants for the brave, but they are worth once you do decide to experiment with them.

If you wish to wear practical and interesting pants, to feel comfortable and free, this are the pants for you. Styling them might seem scary at the beginning but as you can see it absolutely is not.


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