How to Style Denim Skirt

Denim skirts are perfect and super trendy fashion items for summer. They offer us a variety of ways we can style them, the comfort of a skirt in hot summer days and large space for experimentation and personal style expression.

Many love to wear them but say it is a tricky fashion item to style, the line is thin between looking:

cute and feminine – too much exposed and tacky

relaxed and carefree – tomboyish (yes even with a skirt on)

So the question She Simply receives often is: ”How should I style the denim skirt”?

Here at She Simply we always answer by telling everyone who is asking that the most important thing is finding the right FIT! Styles that are popular or trendy change with every passing season, this summer the A-line skirts might be in, the next one flared ones might be the trendiest. Picking a skirt that is the right fit for your body will look good and feel good no matter the shape of it or the current trend in fashion and is definitively a skirt that will make you feel better in your own skin, and we all know that if you feel good you look good.

Then WE like to mention that there are some timeless ways you can style your denim skirts:

with a simple, often white T-shirt or a Cami. This styling combined with sneakers and a cap can look super

casual, or if styled with some platforms and stacked jewelry it might end up looking even glam.


Another timeless way of styling a denim skirt is with a  casual shirt. unbutton it at the top, maybe tie a scarf around your hips or waist (depends if your skirt is high waisted or not) nice ballet shoes on or slip on’s. This is a perfect way of styling it if you would like to wear your fave denim skirt to work or any outing that would requier you to look more professional and polished – that being said, a shirt and a skirt can look cool if you add some aviator glasses on for example.

But if you are specifically wondering what is the trendiest way to style your denim skirt this summer 2018, then listen carefully.

First of all the trendiest shape for a denim skirt, this summer is a A-line skirt shape. Colors are washed out light blue denim ones and trendiest skirts have a distressed hem.

Now after you know that, styling your skirt this season will be easy-breazy task, besides the classical and timeless ways we have mentioned before, which are obviously in trend no matter the seasosnal trends , this summer romance is in the air with styling denim skirts, so picking off the shoulder and cold shoulder tops is the right styling move to make. Adding to the look some romantic ”knitted” bag will make you the ”it girl”

silky and satin camis give a dose of carfree sexi and sensual dose to your look, not to mention satin will cool you down in this hot summer times. This way of styling your skirt is best for the evening. Do not pick super hight heels, going for a low heel or no heel at all, instead of picking flat sandals is better option.


Styling your denim skirt with some summer booties is also quite a trend this season, we would love to recommend some fancy Dr. Martens, but we will keep that recommendation for the fall, we guess it is not practical for us to recomend boots for summer although quite anumber of fashion influencers make wearing boots in summer look oh so natural. Instead you could pick some summer boots, with cut outs.

As you can see styling of a denim skirt is not as scarry as it seemed when you googled this question. Follow our little recommendations and you will be just fine!


Oh…and the trendiest girl around.



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