How to shop online?

We live in day and age where everything is just a few clicks away from us. In last decade fashion world has found a new market and it is our beloved internet.

World is moving faster, you work, sleep, eat and the little time you have left you like spending with people you love – but at the same time, we all love fashion and find it hard to let go of beautiful clothes that help us present ourselves to the world in the best way we can. There are people that do have free time they can use for shopping, but they hate shopping (i know as weird as it sounds, they exist).  So what do we do, what do they do?

Online shopping of course!

Everything you need, clothes, shoes, accessories to artwork, furniture, literature – everything is just a few clicks away.

1.Where to buy?

Before you set for the online shopping journey you need to be aware that there are MANY online stores that can trick you out of your money in this or that way. Allways look for the reviews by other people if the shop you are planning on buying from is not one of the popular and confirmed ones.

There are many online stores like ASOS, Forever 21, Pretty little thing, Urban Outfitters, Macy’s and so on.

You can also buy from AMAZON and like sites.

Most of the stores have worldwide shipping so if you live in a country the store is not from, it is not a problem.

We have our very own online shop with amazing clothes and accessories for you guys to buy


2. How to buy?

For the most part, online shopping is the same no matter what online shop you end up on.

First, like for the most things online you have to make your very own account so you can log in. When you do that next step is to add your personal information your legal name and last name, your home country, city and street (so if you buy something the site knows where to send it obviously) and your credit card number – most of the legit stores have several protection methods so you should never have problem with that – but be aware with the stores that are new or not very known.

After you have finished that you can proceed and actually do the fun part: SHOPPING!

After you decide what you wish to buy, you will put the item in the cart, you will be asked the size, color and so on that you should carefully pick – most online stores have size charts, so if you are unsure about that you can check it out.

After the item is in your shopping bag you can go and check out – most stores will ask you to confirm the information you gave them when you were creating the account and in no time you will be thanked for shopping there.

As you can see, online shopping is fast, easy and quite fun experience actually , there is no stress over having to actually walk to a store, speak to employees there, or try out clothes in small cabins. You are free to search the store for as long as you wish, and be indecisive as much as you wish, no pressure at all.


Have fun shopping.


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