How To Organise Your Closet For Transitional Period?

One of the most bothersome things in the transitional period is sorting out your clothes, you will surely agree. The weather is tricky and you know you will need your light clothes as well as the clothes for the colder weather most probably at the same time.

As we are entering one of the most refreshing seasons of the year, Autumn, we realize we get to organize our closets or else we might either freeze or get a hot flash as it is that kind of weather ahead of us, where you don’t get to predict what your day might end up like.

Closet organization is one way we also get to see what we have and what we don’t so we get to either buy that cute leather jacket that is on sale or simply realize we don’t really need it. Yes, it is one way of sorting out the things we need from those we do not. It is also a great way to get rid of the old so we make a place for the new (be sure to give your old or unused stuff to those in need)


So how do you organize your closet so it fits your transitional period needs?


  1. Take out light cardigans

You will need cardigans as the mornings and nights get chilly in Autumn, but days are still pretty hot. Cardigans are practical because they will offer you protection from cold yet you can simply take them off and put them in a bag as they dont take up much space.

2. Pick Autumn Colors

To get in the mood for Autumn you should pick the colors of the season; Brown, Beige, Orange, Burgundy, Black and Gray clothes should inspire you.

Closet organization is fun because you get to switch your color palette

3. From lightest to heaviest

One of the things that will make your life and organization for transitional weather easier is sorting your clothes in a way where light ones or ones meant for hot weather are at one side of your closet while the clothes which you would pick for colder weather are at the other.

let the light stuff be at one side while heavier stuff at the other, that way you get a better view of what you have for any type of weather

4. Take out your coats

Transitional weather is the period when you get to take out your coats out, find them a nice place in your closet and wait for the colder fall to enjoy them.

make a place for your coats and jackets in time

5. Off with the small and in with the big

Move away from your cute summer bags and take out the big bags you will need for school or when you go to work. Color coordinate them, why not.

It all depends on your needs, but you will most probably need your bigger bags in fall so put them out

6. Find a place for shawls and scarfs

You should have your favorite scarfs and shawls where you can see them, so find them a fitting space.

and when we say fitting space it might be your hanger.

7. Throw away things you no longer need

If you go through your clothes and realize you never really worn something and you are unsure if you would ever wear it, get rid of it. If you have overworn something and it looks unpresentable, get rid of it.

This chart might help you out

8. Buy things you need

If you realize while you are sorting out your clothes that you are missing something, go out and buy it. Closet organization is a great way to realize what you are missing.

9. Store everything tidy

It’s very important that you store everything tidy so you get the idea what you have and where it is without having to search through everything. When your clothes are stored nicely you will see the things you usually might not.

if you can see it you will probably wear it


As you can see a closet organization is not that bad, especially if it is a seasonal closet organization. You get to go through your old stuff, realize what you will keep and what you should get rid off so you have more space for your future purchases. It is fun to follow a theme as well, picking colors appropriate for the season so you get faster in the mood and make the transition easier for yourself. You get to get excited about the seasonal change and enjoy doing something good for your living space.



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