How To Make Your Instagram Feed Look Better

If you are on Instagram then you have probably seen some really beautiful instagram feeds, almost feeling ashamed of your own one. To help you master the art of creating a great feed, we have researched some tips for you and came up with a list of things you could do to have a better looking Instagram feed.

First of all, you have to know where you’re going. Instagram is, in fact, a place for both idividuals and companies, so make sure that you make it very clear in your bio in which category you fall. You might have noticed that some people have a different bio template and are also allowed to use the “swipe up” feature in their stories. This is because they are companies or business owners and, if you are one of these personalities, you might want to connect your Facebook page to Instagram, in order to get the best features the app has to offer you.

So here are some of the best types of Instgram feeds to inspire you to start curating your feed as if it was a real work of art.

Choose a theme

One of the best tips we can give you is to be consistent with the images you decide to upload.

Stick to the same filters

A good idea is to find a filter you like and always use it. This way, all your Instagram pics will look similar to each other and meant to be displayed together.

Focus on layout

Decide what photo to post based on the ones you already have on the grid.


Always crop images the same way.

Choose a theme

Will you post work-related photos or travel images? It’s up to you, just decide what you want to do and stick with it.

Lastly, the most important advice we can give you is to have fun. Take photos of things you like, have fun editing them and then share them with your friends and followers!

(Image Credit: Pop Inquirer, Preview App)

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