How To Look After Your Hair When Traveling

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Traveling across the nation or even a few states away to most is time set aside for either loads of fun, a business expenditure, or a pleasant amount of relaxation. However you like to spend your travel time, the last thing you want to be worrying about is a hair routine. We made it simple for you with just a few tips to keep your hair in tact and as healthy as it was before you’ve gone traveling. With these helpful tips you will be able to worry a little less about your appearance and more on what you went out of town for.


Avoid the sun

Now this tip does not mean run away from the sun, but rather avoid it. How can you avoid it? Wear hats, visors, bandanas, or even hair accessories that can aid in protection. The blazing heat of the sun can cause damage such as dryness, brittleness, and discoloration. If the opportunity arises, you can even sit in the shade. If you are vacationing where it is cold, pay attention to your hair as well as your scalp as extremely cold weather is air stripped of any moisture.

Protect your hair from chlorine and salt water

Chlorine used for swimming pools is used as a disinfectant and sanitation tool in water. A tip we recommend is applying an oil-based serum, even coconut oil, to halt absorption. As for beach water, the salt content is immensely high and just like chlorine, the marine water will pull the moisture out of your hair. Giving your hair a break from the water, applying a cap, and dousing your hair in hair product just before hopping in the water will help you help your hair remain healthy and your scalp hydrated.


Invest in your own hair products

Free hotel shampoos and conditioners are great for when you are completely out, but if you are able to get your hands on the products you normally use or better, do so! Dependant on where you are staying, free hair products usually means cheap, and what does cheap do? Cause unwanted damage. Either carry your travel-size appropriate shampoo/conditioner formulas in a sealed and secured ziplock bag, or be prepared to stop at a store before you hit the hotel room.


Brush your hair

Between the swimming and the questionable weather mixed with the crazy amounts of fun and relaxation you will be having, do not forget to take the time out to brush your hair. Tangles will happen more often than you’d like, but the worst can be avoided if you brush your hair either while you shower or at the end of each day just before bed.


*Written by: Selena Cintron*

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