How To Hide Imperfections



Achieving perfection is not easy – no matter how perfect you think the person next to you is, they probably would disagree and point out area on their body that they are not satisfied with.

To be happy with how you look you can do few things: always be sad and mad about it, go under the knife or, the one I would recommend, use fashion to your advantage.

How can we use fashion to make our figures look great, hide imperfections and put an accent on things we like about ourselves?

If you have a problem of some kind with your MIDSECTION wearing Empire-Waist dresses and shirts should be of great help. It will give you form we all love and need, yet hide the troubled area.


If your legs are the ones causing you stress you can opt out for few things – if you wish to elongate them, it is a great thing to reach for high waisted ones, if you wish to make them thinner bell bottoms are a good pick.

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Some of us have an ” I hate my arms” phases as well as weird as it sounds. These years cold and off shoulder trend was like heaven for us! Yes the cold and off shoulder shirts and dresses will put an accent on the nice curves of your shoulders and hide the…not so toned part of the arms that troubles us.

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If by any chance you are unsatisfied with your Arse, I mean we are not all Kim Kardashian to flaunt it around just like that – the best thing you can do is cover it up with nice flowing clothes. Wearing a shirt around your waist might be quite a handy thing! Or you know wear a long tunic.

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When you started reading this post I guess you thought it is going to be about things that are complicated you had to do to get the form you like – but in reality, fashion has for ages tried to make the best for us so we would present our best to the world. Any problem you have, or you think you have, the fashion world has found a solution for it looong time ago, there is no need for stress.

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