How to get a french lean body

I want to talk about a very important subject for young people , it is one of the most important issues, many of the young people wanted to get a wonderful French body, and wants to get on the great and big muscles , especially abdominal prominent muscles, but they always stand at the beginning . Many of them do not know how to start or what is the way to this body. But now we will tell you  the way for the beginning of our own golden body building.

At the beginning when you build your body The body is going through two phases, their name is:

(1) The construction phase :


At this stage the player builds his muscles and increase its size, and this is done by your way through the different exercises either by lifting weights (iron) in gyms or through exercise body weight homemade and known as body-weight exercise and this is done through the blood pumping in muscle, which leads to the destruction of cells or torn, and in the process of hospitalization is the rehabilitation of these cells but in a different way so that muscle size becomes larger and stronger even bear the blood pressure in the exercise and this stage is often in the winter, increase the muscle as well as fat and but it will be disposed of in the next stage.

(2) Blotting time or slimming time :


After that we have to increase muscle size and strength in the construction phase in the winter, as we know muscles increased, but increased with the percentage of fat, and at this stage the player has to remove fat formed on muscle, until the muscle begins to emerge and aesthetic appeal her shows are very suitable , and is worth the knowledge also said that at this stage begins the emergence of the abdominal muscles (six-packs) where begin to appear at the lower fat content on body to 7% of the body and never rely on existing muscle strength in the abdomen and this stage is always in the summer or in other chapters in general except for the winter and this does not prevent the possibility of its presence in the winter.

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