Grammy Awards Red Carpet 2018

Yesterday was long expected day for the music industry in the USA, grammies are an annual award show where those who have contributed music industry get awarded. It is considered to be a great honor and first of all recognition for artists job well done if they receive one of the awards.

There are 24 categories artists can get nominated for and therefore awarded, among which some would argue that the best one is ”Album of the year” which this year went to Bruno Mars.

Quite a number of attendants wore white rose as a symbol of solidarity with ”Times Up” campaign, which is a campaign against sexual misconduct and gender inequality.

Grammy Awards are a glamorous event so we always expect to see the best from the best on the red carpet, sadly sometimes celebrities overdo it so i had to have a list of worst dressed as well.

When it comes to dressing etiquette Grammy Awards are a time when artists can dress in their best dresses and suits yet be free to experiment a little bit with shapes and styles. Award ceremonies this year will be colored in social justice fights and solidarity expressions and as we can see Grammy Awards were not different. When i am personally being the judge, like i am in this article and similar ones, i am looking for fresh styles, ideas and ways celebrities carry themselves.


Best Dressed

Let’s start this on a positive note with best-dressed celebs first!

Lady Gaga was among few celebrities that really caught my attention, this combination was not something i would call innovative as meshed dresses  are actually a thing for quite a few seasons now, but this whole look was so well put together with hair (which btw from behind is even more interesting, although i am a fan of the simplicity we see in front) and make up . If i was to grade it from 1 to 10, it would be a 10.

Lady Gaga

When i was scrolling down the photos i saw the beauty of Haily whos make up was on point and then my eyes followed the downward so i would see what she was wearing and i already knew she is a candidate for the best dressed list…but then i saw the BOOTS. Despite the huge styling mistake with the boots i had no heart to put her in list down there because everything else was so well put together. She gets grade 8.

Hailee Steinfeld (despite this hideous boots)

SZA is an artist who is brave, experiments with style and is not afraid of ”strange” so i did not really expect to actually love this much anything she would wear. She indeed stayed faithful to her experimental style yet hit the right note with something i would call ”good taste” – gets a grade 10 and i have to say this is true Grammy Look!


Very Pregnant Chrissy was playing it quite safe yet glam. Her happy and proud husdband probably was the best accessory. Both looked well put together and radiant.

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend

One of my favorite newbies (solo newbies ok) this year never disappoints! Camila Cabello spiced the red carpet up like any true latine in gorgeous satin red dress that put accent to all the right places.

Camila Cabello


Lovely Lana Del Ray was another celebrity i was not sure about. Loved the dress but hated makeup and head accessories. She gets 7 from me.

Lana Del Ray

Men do not have it easy when it comes to fashion i have to admit, if they want to keep it classy yet fun they have to really hit the right note which is not easy…well some master it like Trevor Noah did. A man in lace never looked this good.

Trevor Noah

Alessia Cara might be a newbie on the scene but she sure knows how to wear menswear in a very feminine fashion without making it look costume (some of her older colleagues from the list below should take notes).

Alessia Cara

Katie, next to Gaga was among celebrities that really made me feel i am watching Grammy Awards. An absolute 10.

Katie Holmes

I love normal Miley. I love classy Miley. Dont ever go back to the crazy tasteless Miley.

Miley Cyrus

Anna Kendrick brought street trends to the red carpet and managed to make them look absolutly classy!

Anna Kendrick

Really was unsure about Pinks dress at first, but longer i looked at it more i liked it. I guess its one of those tasteful crazy dresses. Only Pink cam make this look this interesting.


Worst Dressed

Gary, Gary, Gary…i am maybe too picky but this outfit can only look good on Johnny Depp.

Gary Clarke Jr.

I cant even find proper, least offensive words to describe distaste i have for this combination. Lady, you get a 1 on a scale from 1 to 10.

Janelle Monae

When it comes to Cardy i was not sure if i should give her a chance and place her in te list above, simply because it did look good from certain angles. Then again from certain, it DID NOT. Cardy gets 6 for this weird cinderella homage.

Cardi B

Nick really has to find a better stylist, that is only thing i am about to say.

Nick Jonas

Did not really research on message Joy had wanted to spread, i am sure it is a good one, its just a wrong place to spread it on and wrong, very unfashionable, tacky way.

Joy Villa

Zayn like Cardi was almost there, but i couldnt put ot past those socks and this…weird pink color of his suit, simply could not.

Zayn Malik

Ashanti missed a year, this might have looked well in 2016.


Kali Uchis is among worst of the worst dressed i have seen on this red carpet. Simply do not know…what to say.

Kali Uchis

Not sure what 80s telenovela served as inspiration to singer Andra Day.

Andra Day

Rapsody aka fashion tragedy


Photos from : CNN

Written By : Milica Dje

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