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Today is one jolly Hollyday that is every year celebrated in Western society but is known all over the world – the day we celebrate the Saint Patrick.

The history of this holiday is known, a celebration of the time when Christianity arrived in the land of the Irish, and if you are not familiar with it and would like to know more, you can google it, it is worth it.

Why this holiday has become interesting to us here is the fashion element it created over the last century. We know that green color is associated with it, it is an almost a fashion rule on this day to wear green color, it is a holiday where all things Irish is celebrated and we know green color is almost if not a national color of theirs, because of it I have decided to present you with the best way of wearing this tricky color.

Yes, this color is quite a tricky color to pull off, and you should be picky with its shades.

Green color on the color wheel is opposite the pink and red – so if you have red or pink undertones to your skin you need to be extra picky with the tone and shade of green you decide to wear. You should reach out for warmer greens.

You can find a lot of high-quality green clothes in our shop ” She Simply Shops” 


This ruffle dress is not completely Green it has white stripes – the style of the dress is absolutely trendy and you can go no wrong with it just like you can not go wrong with its color on Saint Patricks Day.

You can either wear it in a more casual way with flats and a woven bag or just like we combined it in the lower picture with nice elegant pumps and a wine red clutch.


One shade of Green that we know for sure works for almost anyone is olive or better known as army green. This is in most cases a warmer Green and definitively fits most complexions.

Another thing that looks good on almost anyone are jumpsuits! When you combine this perfect green with this perfect fashion item you get our favorite playsuit! (psssst it is on sale also )



We (well me) decided to combine it tone on tone, basically picking the same shade of green for everything. Some fashionistas might frown on the idea, but lets face it – it looks awesome. And yes it is She Simply Shop’s romper paired with Saint Lauren Boots and Celine bag – our clothes are in line with the mentioned brands when it comes to quality and aesthetics as you can see.

You do not have to be extra to wear green, you can find all sorts of fashion items in this color, my personal favorite is casual wear in it because it is relaxing all my senses – my skin senses the softness of the material while the eyes relax when they spot what we put on. Green color is known as therapeutic because it is one of the main colors in nature and our eyes relax when they see it – so if you wish to make people feel good around you, you should wear green – and i have a piece of clothes that you can wear when you want to feel relaxed yourself. She Simplys lovely green pullover is maybe the best thing if you are on a mission of spreading relaxation among people.



This was just three perfect fashion items in the green color that would work great on this holiday that you can actually wear anytime and look mesmerizing. Our shop has tone more awesome green clothes so head there and find your unique greenies.

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