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It is Gemini season! Gemini is an air sign in astrology and is known to have some of the most beautiful and fun members, to mention a few, the bombshells Marilyn Monroe, Angelina Jolie, Adriana Lima, Kate Upton are all Geminis.

Here at she simply we like to offer our members pieces of advice on what to buy from our shops based on your preferences and our Gemini born buyers will surely love our picks!

Geminis are mutable signs so they are easy to dress – they will one day like on the style the other one they will like something else. Gemini style is fun and versatile, so here are our pics for our astrology twins.

Black and White

As we mentioned before, Gemini is a dual sign, so members of this fun ”gang” will love things that are opposite. Therefore it is a good thing for you Geminis to pick clothes in Black, White, and good old stripes.


This lovely Striped knitted dress is a must-have in every Gemini closeth.It is unusual, made by the crafty hands of artistic individuals.



One of the colors that are associated with the astrological sign of Gemini is Yellow. If you pick any of the products I leave down here you will definitively not make a mistake because it will make your personality pop.


Geminis will love printed dresses with a fun vintage spin, this mustard yellow printed dress is perfect Gemini outfit.


Geminis are not afraid of being serious or better said looking studious, this sweater is perfect when you wish to express that part of your colorful personality.


If anything will make a Gemini heart skip a beat its a piece of clothes that is different, and this perfect asymmetric yellow skirt is just it.



Allways young and on the move, Geminis will be very fond of jeans that offer them just what they need, the comfort for their fast life and the classic simple beauty they can style with different things, such as their favorite band t-shirts. Geminis are fond of mom jeans, vintage jeans and ripped jeans.


These beaded jeans are sure to be faves of every Gemini as they are a mixture of classic and modern, feminine and masculine energies that this sign embodies.

You can find many more Gemini worthy fashion items in our store here at She Simply Shops, if this items in this article are not what you are looking for we can help you out by giving you keywords so you can search through our shop. The words you should search for besides yellow, Black and White and jeans that we have presented you here with are Caps, gilets, glitter, blue, forest green, olive green, western, rock, sundress, aviator glasses. Yes all the mentioned words are the ones Geminis implement in their fashion daily and look good.

Have a good Gemini season shopping lovelies.



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