French Style

In our previous article, we have started a journey through Europe so we can highlight some of the most recognizable European fashion styles. We have started with Italian style, which is one of the most recognizable ones alongside the French style which we will go through right now!

French Style

The cradle of fashion world and place from where great designers and fashion houses such as Chanel, Dior, Balmain and so on have come has always been known for its revolutionary fashion. This was not even a wordplay, as after the famous French Revolution revolution in fashion, especially female one has also come.

Nowadays French fashion is known for its simplicity, androgynous chic forms, and love for navy, black, brown and red colors.

French women are known to be the ones that have magic fashion touch. Effortless is the word that could describe the French fashion in one word. Chic is the other word we could use. Effortless Chic it is.

French women are known lovers of pants, they like to play with masculine forms. When they do go feminine it is very subtle and romantic. They are known lovers of wrap dresses and tiny floral patterns.

When it comes to accessories French style is defined by big eyeglasses and hats –  berret especialy is the hat that defines the French style for both female and male fashion. French women do not go overboard with jewlery but if we had to pick jewlery that would define them, then it is pearls.

Footwear is also simple, chick yet practical in French style. Elegant pumps, simple sandals and ballet flats is all you need to circle your French look.

When it comes to hair French girls as allways prefere hairstyles that are easy to manage, so they often pick short hairstyles, and one of the most stereotypical ones is a lovely Bob hairstyle with or without bangs.

French women know that it takes alot of effort to look so effortless.


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