First Ever 2017 American Influencer Awards Recap


Did you miss out on this year’s 2017 American Influencer Awards? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! This year’s awards were amazing to watch unfold, so here’s what you missed.

Hosted by Traci Stumpf, she lead the live pre-show like a boss while standing on the pink carpet. Yes, not red, but pink! Co-hosting was @LarisaDoll, @adammeartistry, and @hankandhenry_.

The pre-show was busy with interviews, but shortly after, the real show began.

american influencer awards

Hosted by Patrick Starrr and Kandee Johnson, the two fabulously took the stage to guide and direct the entire night while nominees and winners were announced.

Patrick comments that the show is filled with the most glamorous group of people assembled under one roof.

Kandee adds, “This is not your average awards though. This is the American Influencer Awards aka the most glamorous room of the glam makers and creators.”

Passing over the mics to Erin Robinson and Joslyn Davis, the nominees for Brand Collaboration Of The Year were:

  • KathleenLights
  • iLuvSarahii
  • JaclynHill (Winner)
  • Katy & Desi Perkins
  • Nicole Guerriero
  • Nicole Concilio

jaclyn hill

Jaclyn, close to tears, “I am so thankful for all of my subscribers. Seriously, if it wasn’t for you guys I would be absolutely nothing and my collaborations would be dead on the ground.”

Celebrity designer and Stylist Michael Costello joins celebrity hairstylist TokyoStylez in presenting the nominees and winner for Professional Educator Of The Year:

  • Lalasupdos
  • Larisadoll
  • anhcotran
  • Phildoeshair
  • Larackay (Winner)
  • Shelleygregoryhair

Practically speechless, Larackay thanks the audience, “I don’t even know what to say because I wasn’t expecting this at all, but thank you guys so much and continue the education because that is all we have in life. Love y’all!”

After a quick performance intermission, Guy Tang then joined the stage to announce the nominees for Emerging Creative Hair Colorist Of The Year:

  • Chitabeseau
  • uggoff
  • leysahairandmakeup
  • Caitlinfordhair
  • Pinupjordan (Winner)
  • Stephygnarstagram

A tribute to her husband, Pinupjordan thanks Paul, “First of all, I want to thank my husband Paul. He is the most incredible support system I’ve ever had in my life. I would never be Pinupjordan without him.”

Trendmood1, a trusted source and presenter presents the winner for Nail Artist of the Year:

  • Banicured
  • Yvynails
  • Sohotrightnail
  • Chaunlegend
  • Yire_Castillo (Winner)

Baffled, Yire comments that he had his first celebrity client a week ago as opposed to the other nominees who consistently have celebrity clients. “For real? I haven’t done nail art in the longest. I do makeup now. I seriously thought I wasn’t going to win, but for anyone that voted for me, thank you so much. I will get back to it.”

The next presenter from Benefit Cosmetics, Stephanie Szalanski. “We were all 15 once and we remember how much guidance we needed when it came to our foundation and of course our lip liner. And how important were those decisions to make? Life and death right?” The nominees for Teen Beauty Influencer Of The Year are:

  • Alisha
  • Bretmanrock (Winner)
  • James Charles
  • Kandee Johnson
  • Ttylteala
  • Rclbeauty101

Bretmanrock unfortunately could not make it, but he sent the award show a video message. “Thank you from the bottom of my heart everyone that voted for me, I want to thank everyone that is behind my team, and before anyone else I want to thank myself because if you can’t thank yourself, how are you going to thank somebody else? So, thank you Bretmanrock for being born and thank you for everything.

Youtube makeup guru Jaclyn Hill returns to the stage with the co-owner of Morphe, Linda Tawil to present the nominees for the Celebrity Makeup Artist Of The Year:

  • JoyceBonelli
  • MakeupByMario (Winner)
  • MakeupByAriel
  • SirJohnOfficial
  • Lipsticknick_
  • Patrickta
  • Etienneortega

“My heart is beating so fast. Thank you to everyone who voted. You guys know I’m just a little kid from the Bronx so all of this extra stuff that came along with my career has been really amazing so thank you to everyone who voted. To all of the influencers in the room, let us continue to use our platforms to continue to educate the new generation of artists out there.”

In order to present the winner of Influential Colorist Of The Year, Nataliee Vamarie and @Glit_Glam came to the stage, dressed fabulously.

  • Nikkilee901 (Winner)
  • Georgepapanikolas
  • JohnnyRamirez1
  • Tracycunningham1
  • Jayrua_glam

Nikkielee “Oh my god you guys, thank you so much. I was not expecting this at all and thank you thank you thank you. I don’t know what else to say, but let’s all use our platforms to be kind to one another and thanks for following me and loving my work and following my salon. Thanks!”

aia winners

Other winners of the night:

International Makeup Artist Of The Year – NikkieTutorials

Hair Extensions Influencer Of The Year – Stephanie Gonzales

Emerging Makeup Artist Of The Year – TheGabrielzamora

Trendsetter Influencer Of The Year – Desi Perkins

Creative Nail Artist Of The Year – Britney Tokyo

Men’s Stylist Of The Year – KyleKriegerhair

Creative Hair Stylist Of The Year – Theconfessionsofahairstylist

Emerging Stylist Of The Year – JustineMarjan

Lifestyle Influencer Of The Year – MakeupShayla

Influencer-Owned Makeup Brand Of The Year – JeffreeStar

Nicole Concilio and co-presenter present Creative Hair Colorist Of The Year nominees:

  • Guy Tang (Two time winner)
  • Alexisbutterflyloft
  • Hair_Princess_Steph
  • Rebeccataylorhair
  • Hairgod_Zito

guy tang

“Whether we win this or not, we validate ourselves and that’s the most important thing. You have to know your worth, know you are worth it, and you are special. This is cool, but you are all winners.”

Lipsticknick took stage to present the nominees for Creative Makeup Artist Of The Year:

  • Alexfaction
  • JordanHanz
  • Chrisspy (Winner)
  • MissJazminad
  • Mykie
  • Laurenrohrer

Blue-haired glamorous Chrisspy gives her thanks, “You guys this is so awesome. Thank you to all of my followers who voted for me and thank you to my mom and dad who are watching me right now. Hey mom and dad! This is awesome you guys!”

Co founder of the American Influencer Association along with his wife, Chris and Bethany Crellin take the stage to thank brands, influencers, and the supporters of all. Also presenting the Spirit Of Courage Award to Caitlin Herron who is now cancer-free from BPDCN.

“Thank you so much for this courage award. I am so honored the the American Influencer Association has given me this platform to bring awareness to pediatric cancers.” Caitlin then shared her heart-warming tear-jerking story.

After Patrick and Kandee reappear on stage after an outfit change they bring out Ash Fortis and Lalasupdos to present the nominees and winner of the Influential Style Of The Year:

  • Sarahpotempa
  • Riawna
  • Kimblehaircare (Winner)
  • Kristin_ess
  • Anhcotran
  • Jabokhkhan

After Alisan Porter’s breathtaking performance, MacDaddy appeared on stage to present Wig Master Of The Year. Nominees were:

  • Thevirginhairfantasy
  • Hairhegoes
  • Cynthialumzy
  • TokyoStylez (Winner)
  • Kendrasboutique

“Imma keep it real simple and short. I just want to say thank you to all of my supporters, all of my followers who followed my journey where i started from doing hair in my kitchen. I’ve came a long way. I’m very grateful for all of you. Also, special thanks to all of my clients. Kylie Jenner, Nicki Minaj, and now Beyonce.”

Next, two talented presenters, LarisaDoll and Jayrua_Glam, cut to the chase and the nominees for the Barber Of The Year:

  • JuliusCaesar
  • Anthonythebarber916
  • Staygold31(Winner)
  • Mattyconrad
  • arod23pr

The only female nominee for that category, “Much love to everyone in that category. I want to thank Val who supports me in everything that I do. This is huge because when I started, females weren’t that big yet, so having this award shows that with a lot of hard work and dedication, anyone can do this.”

Co-founder and CEO,  of It Cosmetics starts the home stretch of the night to present the award for the Makeup Tutorialist Of The Year. Nominees are:

  • Larlarlee
  • Jeffree Star
  • JaclynHill (Winner)
  • Chrisspy
  • MannyMua733
  • Carlibel

After Jaclyn’s speech, the final award was presented by Makeupbymario for the Makeup Influencer Of The Year. Nominees are:

  • Patrick Starrr
  • Mannumua733 (Winner)
  • Chrisspy
  • Amrezy
  • Desi Perkins
  • Kandee Johnson

manny mua

“Holy crap. Well, I want to thank all of my subscribers. You guys make me want to be a better person every day. Thank you to my manager and thank you to my parents even though you didn’t understand who I was at that time.”

And that’s a wrap, folks! If our recap completely wrapped you in, check out their entire show below!

Written by: Selena Cintron

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