Finding fashion inspiration never was easy as it is now

People like to praise individuality and uniqueness quite much in days we live in. One would think that to be unique one has to go around and invent styles and clothes all the time. Even for someone like me who has dreamt and still dreams of becoming a fashion designer, someone who is very much in the creative world and aspires to be in it for a long time, that just sounds so draining.  To be a trendsetter one should make up the trend?

Does it?

No, not really. To set a trend all you have to really do is show people how great something that maybe already exist(ed), is. You don’t have to create something out of nothing, and it is completely OK if you need to be inspired by others to forge your own style. Nothing to be ashamed of in having a fashion inspiration.

How to get inspired?

Finding fashion inspiration never was easy as it is now. We live in day and age when we can see the best style only a few clicks away. We can shop best clothes, be the first to see the best fashion shows and so set trends with our own tastes.

Having a fashion inspiration in terms of a celebrity whom you look up to or whose style you admire is one way.

Other way is by being a ”follower” of bloggers whos style you , again, just like with celebrities, you like. You do not have to copy someone head to toe, that actually is not cool at all. Being inspired means to go similar and add to a look your own personal touch.

Where to get inspired?

As i have mentioned above, following few bloggers is one way, meaning reading their blogs. But you can allways go to platforms such as Pinterest and WeHeartIt and get your daily dose of fashion inspiration by pinning and hearting pictures that you like. Follow collections in which others put their faves or create your own.


Yes, finding fashion inspiration never was so easy.

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