Find Inspiration In Celebrity Halloween Costumes

31st of Octobre is only a few days away and I believe it is time for us to get in the spirit! To get you inspired, or better said get an idea of what creature from fantasy you should be this year, why wouldn’t we go back in time and see what our favorite celebs have worn and how they did it.

Hollywood has a lot of parties this time of year, especially those dedicated to the spookiest days of them all so we most definitively won’t be short of influence.



Kylie Jenner was an absolute winner of last years unofficial best celebrity costume if you ask me


Bey, Jay, and Blue as one happy plastic family


You probably recognize the mask but not those behind it, well played Orlando Bloom and Katty Perry


Heidi Klum always brings her A-game

Another jaw-dropping Klum costume worth remembering




Emily Ratajkowski was not afraid of going Yellow


Kendall and Cara back in their dynamic duo days


Rihanna has a tough shell… literally


Back in 1988 Cher slayed in Cleopatra costume


Another notable Cleo costume this time was worn by Anne Hathaway

Alexa Chung was one very dead Queen of France


Beyonce is one of the rare people who love their nickname so much they decide to wear it


Kim Kardashian as Poison Ivy, another celebrity classic


Chloe Moretz in 2012 probably inspired Marc Jacobs 2016 show… just look it up



Keep your Dalmatians far away from Iggy


Hailey Barbie…pardon me, Hailey Baldwin


Halsey as Harley, one of the most popular costumes last year


Paris Jackson found her inspiration while watching Spongebob


We can always count on Kylie to rock her costumes


The cutest duo costume award goes to Kardashian next generation



Nina Dobrev only Missed Harry and Ron , her costume of Hermione was that good


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