Fashion Influencer: Tamara Kalinic

In the world where everyone with a little money and a credit card can call themselves a fashion blogger and strut various designers and promote them, we got a quality over quantity loving Tamara Kalinic from the glam and glitter.

Tamara Kalinic is a 26-year-old Serbian born British fashion blogger who captivates our hearts with her impeccable taste in high-quality clothes and luxury brands. One of the fashion worlds favorite girls, she is adored by many Designers and Fashion houses and often gifted tons of expensive gifts because of her genuine love for the same and natural way of carrying them, which is, we will all agree the best promotion anyone can ask for.

Glamorous fashion blogger confesses her love for fashion always existed and it was inspired by her mother and grandmother but her becoming a fashion influencer was not really ever planned as she has a degree in Pharmacy and for a short period in time actually worked in industry.

Tamara is very much present on social media as any good fashion influencer is and should be, on Instagram she has a following of more than half of million people and on youtube, she is also very much present and followed.

Even though she shares a lot of her lifestyle she tends to be quite private when it comes to her personal life, we rarely or never get to see members of her family or her boyfriends, even though she gives them warm shoutouts.

Tamara is also a rewarded fashion influencer, as she received Elle Serbia ” fashion influencer of the year”  award recently, an award which she is very proud of.

Tamara Kalinic is definitively a fashion influencer you should follow if you love seeing the high quality and luxury clothes and lifestyles presented in a very grounded, not pretentious way. She also shares a lot of her beauty secrets, and as she is a Pharmacist we should listen.


written by: Milica Dje.

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