Fashion Influencer Of The Year : Kim Kardashian; The Drama Behind It

Love her or hate her, the world seems to be divided between this two when it comes to one of the most famous starlets in the world right now – one thing is certain, fashion world loves her, the ones in it that matter love her and Kim certainly does set trends, despite opinions of few that don’t really matter in our industry.

Kim Kardashian West has been awarded fashion influencer award for 2018 by CFDA a few days ago. She attended the award show with her sister Kourtney and they both delivered some serious fashion on the red carpet, and as we already know they set trends.

The award winner beauty entrepreneur and tv show star came dressed up in a Rick Owens two-piece dress or better said crop top and a skirt. The sand-colored combination complimented her nice sun-kissed skin and dramatic makeup from her own makeup collection, we are sure she smelled heavenly too as we know Kim has a couple of her own perfumes out. Starlet decided to wear a messy high ponytail and some serious artistic golden cufs that together with her makeup broke down the simple colors and shapes of her dress making her look an absolute hit.

Kim in her speech joked about being shocked that she is the one winning the award when she is nake most of the time, but we are aware just like those who have awarded her that when she is dressed she does influence fashion industry with her style.

As expected Kims haters agreed with her being awarded is shocking and protested as they always do when someone acknowledges scandalous starlets good deeds. The CFDA CEO has explained that association with Kim was something everyone behind the scenes agreed would only bring benefit to their newly found organization (should we call it like that? ) because the exposure they would get and  boy have they been right – Kim Kardashian catches attention wherever she goes and brings it to the places she is found as well.

As we all know fashion world and people in it are far from perfect and attention Kim got as a starlet before anything bothered some of our ”colleagues”  who circled up under the names ”fashion insiders” in one New York Post article  and tried to put her down once again without any real reason connected to fashion, they only presented their baseless opinion on her style and character calling her out on her plastic surgery as influencing ”people to have false sense of beauty” forgeting that the industry has for ages influenced people to belive to be beautiful one has to be size zero and tall as a building (not that we dont like that aesthetic but there are more types of beauty, we in fashion and art should know it). One of the skinny and tall models liked mean comments left under the photo of Kim accepting award Vogue posted on their Instagram, shall we shame this promoter of one beauty type here and now, shall we do it, Doutzen Kroes, what do you think?

Models are known for thinking of themselves so high, and model Adwoa Aboah showed her arrogance after she posted a sketchy comment under a fellow models Winnie Harlow’s post in which she praised Kim’s personality saying ” Is this a joke babe?  ” like praising someone for being a good and real person to someone should be a joke. Of course, it is cool to hate on Kim and her family while you are crying when someone bullies you or someone you like. Abwoah added ”In what world has she inspired women to be themselves? She is no icon nor an Influencer and I find it completely crazy that anyone would think she was.


We at She Simply believe that fashion is self-expression and art and Kim Kardashian West is self-expressing through fashion (and plastic surgery if you will) and beauty the best she can – she certainly is influencing so many women in the process whether you (all you self-righteous models and fashion insiders) like it or not, no matter if you think that is good or not. Is her influence good or bad for others? Is any type of influence that is promoting something not everyone can have naturally good or bad?





Written by: Milica Dje


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