Fashion Influencer : Matilda Djerf

They say you get to know a lot about a person simply by their name. They also say names are partially the ones that in a way form our personality. Upon hearing Matildas name most of us would think of a girl of high beauty and impeccable taste in fashion, wouldn’t we?


Matilda Djerf is a Swedish born fashion blogger and world traveler who says that her love of photography got her to be in the place she is now. Instagram was a natural surrounding for a creative soul who is fond of photography to share some of her favorite pictures, and with her style and beauty it was only natural she managed to turn this passion into a profession.

She grew up in a small Swedish town, and her love for her country is great, before anything she is thankful for the great support system Sweden has which offered her so many opportunities. When describing her home country Matilda becomes quite poetic.

Her style is truly Scandinavian, simple, often monochromatic even when she presents us with lovely fashion inspired by hot and steamy islands she often gladly travels to. A self-proclaimed lover of all things vintage as well, and truly she manages to make things from last century look absolutely modern right now. She says her style is easy and comfortable.

Matilda finds inspiration in ”everything” as she says, her family, people on the streets, beaches, photographers. Her talents, besides making high-quality photography, acquiring more than 200k followers on Instagram and as much on youtube is to make pretty awesome cupcakes! Yes, you have read it well.


It is not a secret that every professional blogger has their own photographer who follow them around, in Matilda’s case all over world and pictures all the pretty pictures we get to see and put on our mood boards inspired. In Matilda’s luck struck twice, not only she found a photographer who understood her sensibility well, but that the same person was actually her boyfriend! Work is more than work if you enjoy it with people you love. And this two grew together as she says herself, both professionally and as people.

Her advice for young bloggers is very sweet and real, she advises to always be yourself and do what you believe in : ”There are so many people in the world pretending to be someone else, so you need to be YOU! Happiness and success for me is owning my uniqueness in every single aspect of life. And I think that shines through the screen!” said Matilda in her interview with faithful travels.

What can more be said about this pretty fashion blogger? She is inspiring and quite a good role model. With her both feet on the ground, despite the often travels, she offers to us a whole new outlook on the world and inspires us. She both follows and sets trends, is not afraid to experiment with fashion yet stays in her own same lane. We will follow her around the world and try to at least copy fragments of her style.


Written by: Milica Dje



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