Fall 2018 Trend Alert : Transparent Bags

Unusual or better said unexpected trends when it comes to bags are not staying in the summer season, no, they are transitioning to Fall but in a different material, literally transparently transitioning, we did not even see it coming.

Instead of wearing the net bags that made an unexpected boom on a street style fashion scene or woven bags that were a refreshing and convenient addition to our summer style and that we have seen everyone who is anyone in fashion industry wear them, this fall transparent bags are an unusual and unexpected trend we all will simply will love or love to hate. Transparent bags altough made of very diferent material and often of quite a diferent design in their form are a natural continuation of trend that caught us off guard.

Transparent bags seem to be a natural transition from this summers unexpected trend, woven and net bags, who were as exposing as transparent bags are. This days you literaly get to hide nothing.

There is nothing to hide in fashion, and contents of your purses will not be hidden either, fashion is 100% transparent at least when it comes to most useful accessories, the bags, its definitively the case this autumn.


Most observant of us have picked up the hints designers were sending past couple seasons but we did not suspect the trend will catch on as quickly and firmly as it did. Almost all famous fashion brands have put out their designs of transparent bags and fashionistas got hold on them in just the right time when fashion has become more fun than ever.

This fall owning a transparent bag is a must. They are made of materials that will protect whatever you put inside from the weather, they come in wonderfull designs and are certanly atleast fun to look at. Not everyone will like this trend, not everyone will be brave to participate in this trend but it is certain that this trend will leave no one without an impression.

There are many ways you can style your favorite transparent bag and they certanly fit many fashion style, so enjoy them, be the first in your soroundings to promote one of the trends that will most certanly mark fall 2018.




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