Essential Tips On Walking For Weight Reduction And Fitness

Essential Tips On Walking For Weight Reduction And Fitness

Walking for weight loss is the most natural way to shed pounds. There are lots of advantages of walking in order to lose weight. There is no need to learn to walk because you have mastered this art while you were young. Furthermore, you aren’t restricted by a location because it is feasible to walk virtually anywhere.

For individuals who are not able to leave their TV, they can purchase a simple treadmill so that they are able to continue walking while watching their favorite serial. In fact, walking for weight loss is a much safer workout than running.

101349908_0One particular benefit of walking is that there is hardly any risk of injuries as compared to running. Another advantage of walking is that individuals who have a history of stroke or heart attack will be relatively safe. Although we often hear of sprinters dropping dead in the course of a race, we rarely hear individuals dying in the middle of walking.

Most individuals require motivation for running every day. However, it is much easy for folks to walk than to run and they can also include walking easily in their day-to-day routines.

In order to walk for weight loss, you require a pedometer for measuring the steps taken while walking. It is essential to use the device from morning to night such that you are able to calculate the number of steps taken during the entire day. After measuring the number of steps daily, you must add those steps in a particular week and then divide by 7 for getting the average daily steps during that week. The suggested number of steps daily is 10,000. It is surprising that although many individuals claim that they are quite healthy, their average number of steps do not even reach close to 10,000 per day.

An individual having a sedentary lifestyle usually walks approximately 3,000 steps per day. Many individuals tend to over-estimate the number of steps that they walk. They believe that they will be physically active in case they devote 20 minutes per day for walking on top of their day-to-day routines. However, they fail to understand that 20 minutes of walking will never give them the desired result.

One rough approximation is that 3,000 steps help to burn roughly 420 kJ which is approximately 100 kcal. A single cup of instant coffee at breakfast will provide 90 calories. A regular walk of 20 minutes will be just enough to burn those calories gained from that cup of coffee.

Nevertheless, one must not aim for 10,000 steps daily in case he or she is currently taking only about 2,000 to 3,000 steps per day. It will be prudent to gradually increase the number of steps. In case you walk for 20 minutes on a regular basis, you might increase the time to 35 minutes after a week so that you can have the additional 1,500 steps each day. Once your system is able to adjust to those extra 1,500 steps, you can definitely go for the next stage. It is, in fact, suggested to aim for about 5,000 steps in the third phase. You should be able to get the results at this stage. You might not observe any reduction in your body fat yet; however, you will begin to notice that your muscles are gradually toning up such that you can go for the next stage.

Eventually, in the very last stage try to aim for approximately 10,000 steps per day which should be sufficient to lose weight significantly.


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