Ear Piercings

Depending on the area in this big world you come from the culture of jewelry might wary, but one thing is sure, we women are fans of it.

When we are talking about ear piercings (and i am talking about stacks of it here) in recent times they are considered ”cool” but not so long ago something being ”cool” was not regarded as good. Nowadays we are blessed with the opportunity to be creators of our own styles without much fear of being judged severely because we have a taste for stacking our ears with cute metal pieces we call earrings.

Let’s leave history behind for a moment now and let’s go back to ear piercing. In the world of body modification, that very interesting layered universe, which ear piercing is in general and it is one of the oldest forms of body modification,the piercing is known as the piercing of the lobe of the ear, when we are talking of piercing of the upper part of the ear we are talking about ear cartilage piercing.  Because of the shape of the ear, there are many interesting places you can put a piercing on, and we are going to go through most of them, the most interesting thing is you can have them all at once!

disclaimer: do not pierce your ear at the same time everywhere! Let the hole heal and then pierce another part of the ear.

Ear Lobe

Piercing through the lobe of the ear

This is the most popular type of ear piercing. Most people have it, male or female. Usually, it consists of a hole in each ear but few holes in one or both ears are no longer a rarity. This part of the ear is mostly pierced with a piercing gun.



Helix is cartilage piercing

Helix Piercing is a piercing of the cartilage located in the upper middle part of the ear. The ear in this part is pierced with a needle for piercing purposes and is said to not hurt because there are not much nerve endings at this location.


Forward Helix

Forward Helix Piercing

This is a piercing of the inner middle part of the ear, or better said its cartilage, this part of the ear is also known as the root.

Industrial Piercing 

Industrial Piercing

This is one of the most interesting ear piercings but also one that makes people bit terrified, without much reason really. Your ear is pierced in two places and the holes are connected with an earring, I know many people think piercing of both holes has to happen at the same time – no, do not worry, go for it.


Like the name indicates this piercing is one of the most shallow ones due to its location which is at the inner cartilage area of the ear. Small jewelry is a must really when it comes to this piercing.


Rook Piercing

This piercing is similar to the snug, except it is located upward and has more depth due to the anatomy of the ear at this location.


Conch Piercing

This is piercing of the cartilage below or around the snug area, it is a deeper part of the ear so you can wear bigger jewels.


Piercing of the cartilage that is right in front of the ear canal is Tragus Piercing, it is one of the most popular and interesting piercings.


The mentioned piercings were just a few of the existing piercings you can get on your ears, there are many more of them but She Simply decided to introduce you to the most stylish ones that you could and probably should get.


Text by: Milica Dje

Pictures from: Pinterest

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