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You see your favorite celebrity wearing something and you think how you would totally rock the same outfit, and you would, you really would, but then you notice the price tag on their dress is super high and you shed a tear or two when no one can see it because you are not there YET.

Now, now,  there is no need for giving up on styles your faves wear, you can find affordable items that are similar or even the same as your favorite celebs wear, who knows maybe they do wear our clothes :winwink:

You can now officially buy their style in our own shop, right now, for extremely affordable prices and with a guarantee of its quality and originality, here at She Simply we do not advocate copy of style, we advocate inspiration!


Lets start with one of the sexiest women alive, Kim Kardashian who recently visited Asia and decided to channel her inner futuristic, urban Anime character.

This look is simple to copy and we have the best items to do it with, nice puffer jacket, leggings and a purse which you can wear in a similar manner as Kim, or not, it is up to you.

Black Puffer Jacket: 

Futuristic Striped leggings



If you ever wanted to look like one of Victorias Secret Angels, all you had to do is take a note from one of the most popular ones, Adriana Lima. Sexy mother of two looks like she has fun with her clothes. She is a fan of feminine comfort.

Hoodie dress from our shop looks almost the same as the one Adri is wearing, so does out military jacket. We picked similar bag from our shop and we got out angelic look for the night.

Hoodie Dress

Military Jacket

Fancy Leather Bag

If you wish to dress up as your favorite performer, Beyonce we are here for you. Beyonce has interesting style but it does not mean it is styled like us regular women can not SLAY too.

Ankara Skirt paired with a ribbed cami and fancy sandals in color you can find on your Ankara, in this case lovely pink is a perfect summer outfit – inspired by Bee.

Colorful Ankara Skirt

Ribbed Top

Pink Sandals

As you can see finding clothes in our shop that looks similar to designer ones most famous women wear is easy, and combining them to get their style is even easier, especially if you follow my links above.

Our clothes are of good quality, textures, colors and materials are top notch, worthy of the ladies mentioned above and worthy of you before all.

This were 3 fashion divas we channeled this time. Maybe in future, i will present you with more clothes from our shop with which you can dress up like your favorite, most stylish celebrities, until then go buy this three looks and enjoy, in She Simply Shops you can only find clothes that you can enjoy.


Witten By: Milica Dje

Styled By: Milica Dje

Pictures from Pinterest

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